Saturday, 5 September 2015

Lim Jak Zeng (31) 5/9/2015

I apologise for posting this late.

Article Name: More funding for learning of mother tongue languages in Singapore
Published: 5th September 2015

Our Prime Minister, Mr Lee Hsien Loong, announced hat there will be an increase in the funding for committees that aim to encourage he learning and use of the mother tongue language. MOE will raise the current 16.6 million fund to 25 million fund. Mr Lee stated, that this increase in the funding is aimed to encourage these committees to continue promoting more programmes and activities to benefit the students' learning of their mother tongue.

I feel that this increase in fund is a very useful and effective way to promote the use of mother tongue. With more funds, organisations can now organise more interesting and fun nationwide activities and programmes, which will instill interest in the students who may dislike mother tongue. This way, not only can students learn their own mother tongue in a more interesting way, but students can also learn to speak their own language better. This is essential since now people tend to use more English rather than their own mother tongue since more things are communicated through English. This is probably why students tend to be weaker in their mother tongue language. With more activities and higher awareness of the mother tongue language, students can now strengthen their bilingualism. 

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Tong Yizhi (20) 02/09/15

Article: Paying for your ride? It's all in the wrist
Date of publish: 31 August 2015

Issue being discussed:

The Land Transport Authority is conducting a trial. There will be 200 users, who will wear a near-field communication wristband encoded with a digital Cepas Card. They will only need to hold up their wrists to the farecard reader on buses and at train stations to pay for their journeys.To top up the stored value in the band, participants simply need to place the band on the card reader of a top-up device, just as they would a transit card. It is said that this will unsure a greater mobility for commuters.

General observation: 
When cards are used, people will tend to take sometime to find their cards from their bags. But if wrist band is used, this could reduce such problem. Furthermore, it will not be lost easily compared to cards.

Point of view: 
Since the writer did not give his point of view, I shall provide my point of view. I think that this "wristband digital Cepas Card" would be much more convenient for the commuters. Since it is on our wrist, it would not be lost easily as cards could not be on our hands 24 hours a day but a wristband could. Furthermore, the way to scan it is much easier than cards. We have to dig into our bags to find the card and this waste more time and also hinders other commuters especially during peak hours. I think I would definitely would like to have one. But I would suggest this wristband tone more colorful or visually appealing so that it could also act as an accessory. From the article, Hong Konghave been using this successfully for quite some time so I believe Singapore might also have one eventually.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Tong Yizhi (20) 19/08/15

Article: Singaporean uncle's kind act towards foreign labourers in train goes viral
Date of publish: 25 August 2015

Issue being discussed:
A Singaporean uncle encouraged three construction workers to stay in their seats when they got up to give up their seats to some Singaporean commuters. He thinks that they helped Singapore to build our homes so they can sit since their stop will take a very long time. His action was captured in a Facebook post by the reporter who was in the same train carriage as them, has gone viral. Many people praised the Singaporean uncle and was proud of his kind act.

General observation:
There are many foreign workers in Singapore. They helped Singapore to be clean and also build our homes. However, not many Singaporeans are willing to be kind to them. They either look down on them or are scared of them since they are foreigners. Sometimes, when a foreign worker approach us for help, we would most likely to brush them off.

Point of view:
The writer did not state his point of view, so I will share my point of view. I think that this Singaporean uncle was very kind. He knows that the three foreign construction workers must be very tired after the long day of work so he encouraged them to keep their seats. Furthermore, I agree with his statement "Hey you can sit down... You don't always have to give up your seat, especially not to men on the train. You come here to build our homes so you can sit also you know?" Without their help and hardship, we would not have a home to stay. They are foreigners who come from another country to work here. Most of their jobs requires physical strength that is extremely tiring. But they are building our home for us so we should be kind to them. When they need help with directions, instead of ignoring them or brush them aside, we should help them. They must feel very helpless if no one would help them as Singapore is a foreign country to them. We should learn more from the Singaporean uncle, appreciate the foreign workers' efforts and hardship and be kind towards them.

Friday, 21 August 2015

ng tat kit 33

source: straits time online
 published on august 21

the article is about how the Breadtalk chain is giving away 50,000 buns over 3 weekends and donated $50,000 to community chest to make amends for selling soya bean milk in mislabeled bottles.

I feel that what Breadtalk did is much justified. As the huge chain has been doing this 2014, there was surely much money saved. However, i do not buy into Breadtalk's explanation, that the bottles were to used to store fruit juices and that it did not directly apologise, instead using an euphemism of "A management oversight" to explain for the con. what was worse was that although the employees would clearly have known what they were doing, none of them thought to blow the whistle on them. furthermore, this has been happening since 2014.
The fact that none of them ever went to inform the authorithies on what they were doing for more shows the attitude of singaporeans nowadays, basically the "its not my problem so I won't tell anyone mentality." i feel that at least one of them should have owned up to it.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Yong Jie Ning (22) 19 August

Bomb blast in Bangkok kills at least 16
Source: iPad straits time 
Published on: 18 August 

The issue discussed here is that in Bangkok, there is a sudden bomb blast that has killed at least 16 people. It is the worst incident that has happened in Bangkok and the authorities are looking into this unnatural matter. There are 4 foreigners among those dead and no Singaporeans have since reported dead but there are some injured Singaporeans. The Singapore ambassy staff have met the injured Singaporeans and providing assistance to them. There were many casualties and 2 hospitals nearby the attacked scene are urgently requesting for blood donors. 

The writer did not expressed any views but I feel that the person who planted the bomb there is very irresponsible as the suspect did not consider the effects of the bomb that it will harm many people and property and even cause many lives to be lost. Not only is this is an irresponsible act, but also an unacceptable act. I find the person who has planted the bomb really ridiculous as he / she place a bomb at such a crowded and lively area. This obviously shows that the bomber wants to kill people and a sign of threatening the authorities. However, even so he / she shouldn't do so because bombing at such a lively place also took local and foreigners' lives who are innocent. Anyways, no matter what reason there is, he / she or anyone shouldn't bomb. 

If this happened in Singapore, the person who did it must be a lunatic because Singapore is known as a harmonious country so no one should bomb somewhere because of something that he / she is unhappy or unsatisfied with. I believe Singapore authorities will also take neccessary actions like the Bangkok authorities to ensure that all citizens remain safe. 

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Lim Jak Zeng (31) 2H 18/8/2015

Title of Article: IT company manager admits to hurting and abusing worker
Date of Publish: 18/8/2015

This article is about a case of employee abused. A IT company manager, Mr Lee Yew Nam plead guilty for causing harm repeatedly to one of his fellow employee, Mr Calvin Chan Meng Hock for mistakes that he has done at work. The video of the manager punching and slapping Mr Chan has gone viral through the social media. This case was adjourned to 14th September.

I feel that what the employer did is absolutely cannot be tolerated. As a employer, he or she should be able to lead his group of employees to accomplish task. He should never have used violence against an employees inability to accomplish a task. I find it very unfair to "punish" an employee by punching him for not doing what the employer wants him to do. Everyone makes mistakes, and so does the employees, thus the manager should have been more patient and not hot-tempered. Even if employees get ridiculously behind task, employers should never use any physical methods to force the employee to work. Physical abuse can cause the employee to be emotionally stressed. We are very lucky that here in Singapore, we have strict laws protecting employees from such an abuse, and employers are strictly dealt with if they do so. This reduces the chance of such incidents from happening.

Genevieve Lim (6) 12/8/15

Car veers out of control, 7 vehicles in carpark damaged
This article is about a seven-seater Toyata car leaving a trail of destruction in a carpark in McNair Road after its driver lost control and sparked a series of collisions that damaged eight cars, including itself. Ms Vila said she was hanging out with a group of friends in the neighbourhood through the night. The accident occurred as they were about to drive out of the estate. The group had been drinking alcohol before the accident. 

Response: I think Ms Vila and her group of friends should have been more responsible. If they were drinking alcohol before leaving, they should abide by the law of not drunk driving and not operate the car under drunk circumstances. This act has caused many serious consequences too, such as the car colliding with 7 other vehicles, causing lots of damage to each vehicle. The group should have also been more thoughtful and think through their actions clearly before attempting to proceed with them. If you were the owner of the damaged car, wouldn't you be angry or shocked to see that your car is wrecked by another person? Furthermore, what if your car was a new one, and you have to spend more money to fix it or redesign it again? This goes to show how not thinking before we act, can lead to many serious consequences.