Saturday, 21 February 2015

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The article I am discussing about is about the typhoon that quite recently hit Queensland.

A powerful cyclone roared ashore in a heavily populated area of Australia on Friday with authorities warning of a “calamity” as howling winds and torrential rain saw residents hunkering down to wait out the terrifying conditions.Tropical Cyclone Marcia slammed into the Queensland coast just after 6.00am Friday Singapore time having been upgraded to a category five, the most severe. 

I agree with the author that this bout of bad weather will be extremely damaging to both human and natural environments. As it spans over a large area of Australia, at least 170000 people will be affected by this natural disaster. I really pity these people as the might have to move away or take many troublesome security measures to ensure their safety. even after the typhoon has left, they will still be severely inconvenienced as the typhoon has already done damage to infrastructure such as power stations and roads. there will still be a massive cost of damages as well as aid needed to help those displaced or injured, as well as the families of the injured or dead people as they might need both financial or emotional help.

I feel that now that Australia has firsthand received the effects of a class five typhoon, i believe that the government of Australia will take measures to ensure that the next time a typhoon start, the damage can be lessens or prevented from occurring at all. this could take place in the form of better weather prediction, a national response system like the one Singapore has or flood mitigation measures.

 this event also makes e feel thankful that we are a relatively sheltered island and only receive tiny aftershocks that most of us barely notice. As Singapore is a small and densely populated country, it would be a disaster if anything as major as a class four to five cyclone or a tsunami ever hit us, as it is possible that we will suffer damage so bad we may be unable to rebuild. 

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  1. I also with you about the point that even after the typhoon is gone, there will be many inconveniences. Apart from the financial and emotional aid the family members of the victims need, I think that even if none of their loved ones was injures or died, there will need much help and support too. Their homes are washed away or damaged, their valuables are all gone . And most of their items such as the furniture and chic led may turn faulted since submerged in water for too long. I really hope that the public and the government will be able to provide the affected people with sufficient help and be with them when overcoming this sad and pitiful situation .