Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Ashley Loo (16)


The issue being discussed is that a baby dies after its 21 month old cousin pushed the improperly opened stroller than the baby was in, causing its brain to be bleeding and suffer skull fractures which led to its death. I have observed that the stroller that the baby was in is very dangerous. A stroller is meant to be safe for a baby but in this article, it became dangerous to a baby and even caused the baby to die. The adult who is taking care of the two children should be more alert and careful, making sure that the 21 month old toddler won't touch the baby as he isnstill a toddler who has a possibility to do playful stuff. If the adult did take good care of them, she or he will be able to stop the cousin from pushing the stroller and it will prevent the death of the baby. This incident should always remind all mothers or all adults who are taking care of children, to make sure that the strollers are safe and properly cared for. 

The writer didn't make any point of view but State Coroner Janet Wang found that there had been no foul play in the baby's death and it's just an unfortunate event. I do not agree with this since I think that the baby's death can be prevented if the adult who is with them paid more attention on them and will be able to stop the cousin from pushing the stroller on time. Being more careful is a necessity when you're with young toddlers but the adult didn't do that which is very inconsiderate for him or her. 

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  1. I agree with you that the unfortunate death of the baby could have been prevented. Should the adult exercise more caution when opening the stroller, this incident would not have happened and cause an end to the baby's life before he could even start living it. As you have said, the adults could have made sure that the 21-month-old toddler cousin of the baby was keeping a safe distance from the baby which could in turn prevent the toddler from pushing the stroller. However, you failed to recognise the fact that the stroller could have been replaced with a new one if it was already antiquated and in a rusty condition as reported in the article. If the adults had been quick to replace the old stroller with a new one, the baby would definitely have been in a safer situation being in the new stroller rather than the old one. This would then simplify things for the adults and lowered the chances of the stroller's mechanism failing and in turn hurting the baby.