Thursday, 5 February 2015

Audrey Yeo (1)

News article on Current Affairs
"More leaving cab without paying up."
The straits times 4 Feb 2015

The issue being discussed is that there is an increase in the number of cases on passengers alighting the cab without paying. Taxi drivers are not able to catch hold of many passengers who leave without paying as they do not know their personal details.

After reading the news article, I think that the reason why they did not want to pay for their taxi ride is not about fares being expensive, however it is about people not being honest. 
But if you cannot afford, do not take cab. There are other modes of transport in Singapore which are cheaper than taking taxis, like taking the public bus or MRT (mass rapid transit). 
In my opinion, these unethical people who did not want to pay up their taxi fares are insensitive and ungracious people. The taxi drivers also needs to earn a living too, we should not be inconsiderate and evade fares.

I feel ashamed of the passengers who left without paying their fares. It is only right that they are responsible enough for paying their fares. 
As Singapore is a renowned tourist destination, these selfish and uncivilized behavior are destroying the reputation of Singapore as a modern and civilized society.  
I would not be surprised if reports shows that many of there people are mostly Singaporeans because I think that many of us Singaporeans are an obnoxious bunch of people who dares to do anything, not sparing a thought for others.
It is no secret Singaporeans lack social graciousness, and public education has done little to reform attitudes and complete the socialisation process. We should promote and raise awareness of social responsibility so as to instill the social civility in us.

In conclusion, I feel that there are still many dishonest, ungracious and insensitive people around us who did not even want to pay for their taxi fares. We should forbid ourselves to become one of them if not, Singapore society would be doomed with dishonorable people.


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  2. I agree with Audrey that Singaporeans lack social graciousness as they do shameful things like not paying taxi fares, chomping seats with their belongings and throwing rubbish onto places which cleaners spend time and effort cleaning. I believe that without cleaners, Singapore is unable to live up to our name- a clean and green city. Taking an taxis is indeed a luxury. Audrey said, "If you cannot afford, do not take cab. There are other modes of transport in Singapore which are cheaper than taking taxis." Thus, there is no excuse why one avoids paying taxis fares. Personally, I do hope that such incidents would get less or foreigners might view us badly.