Thursday, 5 February 2015

Calyn Seah (2)

Using phones while walking is dangerous but people continue doing so.

Issue being discussed: Pedrestrians use mobile phones while walking and even on the road, totally oblivious to their surroundings, only distracted and fixated on their phone screens. Some serious and dire consequences of being not aware of your surroundings can lead to bad falls and sometimes been deaths. I have seen many cases of people using their mobile phones on roads and public transport. Their eyes are all glued to the screen and it seems that without technology, they may be "handicapped". Sometimes, they would get horned by drivers in cars as well and I think that it's really precarious for them to be doing that. 
Writers approach to this issue and his POV: He thinks that distracted walking may lead to road accidents and it is an increasingly urgent issue that requires addressing immediately. I agree with his statement as this is indeed an serious issue that has to be brought to people's attention, alerting them of the danger of using mobile phones on roads. We should all follow the road rules to ensure our safety as safety is always number one. 
Relating this to singapore context: This issue is raised in singapore itself and government can take action and probably add some measures and warn Singaporeans about the issue. 

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  1. Q1) I agree with you that it is precarious for the pedestrians to use mobile devices while walking. However, sometimes I saw them using them for works and others so maybe it is something really important that they have to do them as fast as possible. So I think that if they don't use mobile devices while crossing road, then using them while walking or on public transports should be fine.
    Q2) What do you think are some of the ways to bring awareness to the people. Because even though people know it is dangerous and yet they still do it-using mobile devices while crossing road etc.
    Q3) I agree with you as this matter should not be taken too lightly as it is very dangerous especially to those who use mobile devices while crossing the roads. There will be a high chance of getting into an accident.