Sunday, 22 February 2015

Calyn Seah (2)

Issue being discussed: A ferry collided with a cargo ship and sank on Sunday in a Bangladesh river. 38 people are confirmed dead while some are still missing. There are many of these incidents happening as more than 95 per cent of Bangladesh’s hundreds of thousands of small and medium-sized boats do not meet minimum safety regulations as said by naval officers. 
How does the writer approaches this issue: The writer mentioned that experts blame poorly maintained vessels, flaws in design and overcrowding for most of the tragedies that happened. I think that is true as if the construction workers building and designers designing the boat carefully, ensuring that flaws are taken care of, these calamities would not have taken place. Innocent lives would not have been lost if measures were put up.
Relating this to singapore context: In singapore, we are much more particular of the safety of our people and thus if these kind of things would have happen, the government will take serious action and set up measures to prevent it from happening again. 


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  1. I agree with you. If the ships and boats were constructed carefully and go through safety check ups, innocent lives would not be taken. People should take this matter seriously as lives would have been lost because of people's negligence.
    I agree with you that Singapore is very serious and careful to prevent unwanted accidents.