Thursday, 12 February 2015

Chew Jing Heng (25)

More than US$14,000 (S$18,935) has been raised online for a 70-year-old man who lost $400,000 to two women over 15 years.

Two Singaporean women told Mr Tan Soy Kiang,the victim, who is single, that the money was for a non-existent debt he owed the government. The women are friends he has known for a long time and trusted. 
$400,000 is a large sum of money to most of us, especially to  the 70 year-old victim. I have observed that many elderly people like Mr Tan can easily fall into traps that will take away their hard earned money. This is rather common in Singapore where elderly people would have saved a sum of money for their retirement. I feel that elderly people are too gullible and that is why they become the target of such scammers. 
Although the writer did not give his point of view in this article, I have seen many comments regarding this article. There was one comment by Kevin Ong saying :"Close family and relatives of elderly need to pay more attention and care for theirs seniors lest they fall as prey into the hands of some unscrupulous predators." I fully agree with him. I believe that most of the younger generations will know the consequences of being scammed, and they will probably take note of such scams. However, elderly people will usually put their trust on such scammers and there goes their hard earned money. Therefore, I believe that close family and relatives should help to pay more attention to the elder generations to prevent them from falling into scammers.

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  1. Try to give more examples and also state your point of view as well as your explanation