Saturday, 28 February 2015

Chew Jing Heng (25)

The article mentioned that residents should cooperate fully to allow NEA officers to inspect their premises to check for mosquito breeding. I have observed that many people are not willing to let inspectors into their house, simply because they knew they did not follow the steps to stop mosquito breeding or they are aware of cases where thieves pose as inspectors to enter the house. 

There are no point of views the writer has made, but there are comments about this issue. A comment by Aaron Chan stated that "Fighting mosquitoes can be done by one authority (but) it requires everyone to step in to clear stagnant water."
I fully agree with him. After all, it is not the authority's responsibility, but our responsibility as well. Everyone plays a part in keeping the environment safe from dengue and other diseases. We should follow the steps in stopping dengue fevers and less precious lives will be lost. 

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