Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Chinese New Year treats with a twist.

This news article talk about bakery shops giving traditional treats a change. One bakery shop called True blue cuisine makes a different pineapple tart. The tarts are made according to a nyonya receipe handed down from his great grandmother. As a result, the pastry is firm and almost crunchy. Another bakery shop called Tiong Bahru Bakery made a pineapple and coconut tart has a light and smooth pineapple mousse with light coconut Chantilly cream. I feel that these shops are really creative and this will definitely appeal to the younger generations as they change the way people think about the treats and have a new taste to it. These traditional treats are here for a long time already, how about changing the taste? People will definitely be curious and want to buy and try it as it brings a new experience and taste to traditional treats. I would really want to try the Nonya pineapple tarts as i personally like the traditional one. I think that it would be nicer as the pastry is more crunchy.

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  1. Your thoughts were clearly shown and the pastries were well described. This made me be able to imagine how the pastries taste and look like.