Wednesday, 18 February 2015

chua xinyue (4) 18.2.15

title : Japanese man arrested for sending boy to help Fukushima clean-up 
source :

issue being discussed : a japanese business man was arrested today for sending a 15 year old to clear wastes of a wrecked nuclear plant. the boy said he was introduced to his former boss through a government-run employment agency and was ordered to lie about his age. 

observations : the writer explained very clearly on where the people were from specifically and gave back ground information about japan's prohibition against people under 18 working at radioactive areas.

writer : the writer approached this issue with great research about japan. (writer did not give opinions.)

if it were to happen in singapore : if this case happens to occur in singapore, i find that the singapore government would also sentence the businessman as it is inhuman to send a young child to work at such a dangerous place to work. moreover, it involves having skin contact with radioactive objects. thus, i feel that singaporeans would not be so unreasonable to force someone to lie about their age to work. 

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  1. I think that the boy should not lie about his age as he will definitely know that lying about his age and working underage is against the law. I feel that nothing is more important than our own safety. Although the boy managed to get a job but the job is very dangerous. Since he is still young, he has a long road to go and his life is very precious. We should always put our safety first and always be truthful. I feel that Singaporeans are responsible and will not risk by lying their age to get a job. Many secondary students below the age of 16 likes to work part time during school holidays and I believe they are truthful when applying for the part time job. Working is a good experience for students but we should always be mindful of what we do.