Thursday, 26 February 2015

Chuan Han Wei(26)

No delay in 11 convicts' executions, says Joko. 
This article talks about Indonesia not delaying in the executions by 11 convicts, mostly drug charges despite Australia, Brazil and France's pleas not to do so. This follows Indonesia strict and harsh penalties for drug trafficking, which is the death sentence. I feel that when people go into another country, they should read their rules and laws and rightfully practice them. I agree to Indonesia in rejecting the other countries pleas and execute the convicts. If Indonesia agrees to their pleas, it will encourage people to traffick drugs since it is possible for the governments to save them out. 

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  1. Your feelings are well presented. however, you can explain more about the news and what actually happened. Also, it will be better if you elaborate more on how you feel