Monday, 16 February 2015

Current affairs reader's response

Reader response by Yizhuo

The issue discussed here is the huge amount of rubbish in Singapore and the strategies discussed to stop the littering issue. Getting students to try being cleaners for a day and heavier penalties are some of the strategies discussed. Often cited reasons of why Singapore is becoming a 'garbage city' include complacency, a bad attitude and being pampered. Also, some suggest that different cultural attitudes can also be a reason. The key for Singapore to reclaim the status of a clan city invloves all Singaporeans to put in their effort.
The writer agrees that all Singaporeans need to take part in keeping the city clean. We cannot simoly rely on our cleaners to clean up after us. If one day these cleaners stop cleaning after us, the city would become a 'garbage city' for sure. Why can't we just take the initiative to clean up ourselves?
I agree with the writer's point of view. We take our cleaners for granted, often without thinking how much they do for us everyday. Everywhere I go, I could see these cleaners working hard, but not for their own benefit, instead for us. We should all work together to keep this city clean and green.

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  1. I agree with the writer that Singaporeans should learn to clean up after themselves and not be dependent on cleaners to do it for us. It might be hard for them to clean up a whole area by themselves, but if we all do our own part to not litter, there would be nothing for them to clean up. And it isn't that hard for us to just walk a few more meters to dispose our trash into the rubbish bin instead of along the roads. The mindset of the whole nation plays a very important role in achieving this. Even though everyone no already knows that throwing our rubbish along roads is the wrong thing to do, few actually do the right thing. If more people are willing to change, then Singapore can become even cleaner without the help of cleaners.