Thursday, 5 February 2015

Ding Hong Yi (5) 5 February 2015

Pilot of crashed TransAsia plane hailed as a hero for steering away from populated areas

This article is about the pilot of the TransAsia plane that crashed into Taiwan a few days ago. He tried to steer the plane to less built-up areas in Taiwan to not cause more damage to the plane. Sadly, the pilot died in the crash. He came from a poor family and studied very hard to pass the flying exams. He tried and fought desperately to avoid all the high buildings and all his friends, family, strangers commented and praised him as a hero and someone brave.
I feel very happy that the pilot tried his best to avoid the buildings before crashing into the river. Taiwan is quite a populated country,and there are quite a few high rise buildings there. Which means that if the plane crashed into any of the high rise, the number of casualties will shoot sky high. The plane is also relatively huge, if the plane crashes, the plane will also crash into homes and other places and curse people to lose their families and home. I hope that all the pilots can learn from him, so that airplane crashes will not cause as much damage when crashing into cities.

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  1. Remark: Brief introduction of the pilot is being included and actions of the Pilot that led to the hailing as a hero are being explained clearly. However, the precision of the word happy being used here seems to be a little off. Perhaps words that express feelings, like grateful and etc, will be more accurate. Lastly, no details of the victims or the survivors of the plane crash was being mentioned. Although the pilot is the main focus here, maybe a little updating of the situation right now will further improve your response.