Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Ding Hong Yi (5)


This article is about the death of a baby that is not placed properly in his pram. His aunt Kicked the pram and placed the baby inside, not being sure wheter it is fully secured. The stroller folded inward and collapsed and the baby suffered 3 skull fractures and internal bleeding. He was found unresponsive and has brownish fluid flowing down his nose, thus taken to the hospital but unfortunately died.
The aunt should have taken a good look at the stroller just in case that it is not fully secured and wouldn't have caused this tragic accident. However, the younger cousin is lucky not to have placed into the stroller. If not there probably will be 2 deaths that day. The stroller company should also make sure that it is obvious to the user that it is fully secured and wouldn't collapse very hard on to the ground even if it is not fully secured. I hope the aunt has learnt her lesson.


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    I agree with you that the aunt should be more mindful of the situation, especially when taking care of a baby, who requires extra care. You might want to include your feelings after reading this article. Do you feel upset over the happening of this incident? You can probably indicate whether you feel that this could be prevented, as I do see your point of it being preventable but your stance was not shown clearly. However, regarding your point of the stroller company, I do believe that by the words " antiquated and rusty condition " as quoted from the article, this stroller has been kept or been in use for a long period of time, probably several years, explaining the condition of it. Instead of putting unnecessary blame onto the stroller company, it would be better to suggest that the family members should have replaced the stroller with a brand new one.