Thursday, 5 February 2015

Jan Hoe (8) 2H

Jan Hoe(8) 2H

ISSUE BEING DISCUSSED: action to be taken against the marine bay sands fifth food outlet
DATE OF ARTICLE: 4th Febuary 2015

Issue that is being discussed is that the NEA will take action against a fifth food outlet at Marina Square Mall. After the incident of rat found in hotpot culture soup,NEA went for inspections at the mall and found many stalls with rodents. The writer thinks that the rodents found in the food outlets were  bad examples of food outlets and he strongly disliked these stalls. I agree with his point of view as by having rodents in the stall would compromise our health as we do not know whether the rats are clean, having ran around. By having rats in the stall, it is bad for the image of the stall. It is disgusting and unhygienic to find rats in a store.
This incident happened in Singapore and it reflects badly on Singapore's clean and green image. It tarnishes the image that foreigners have for us. 


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  2. Jan's response included examples to further explain her point and this allows people to understand better.