Monday, 9 February 2015

Eunice Chua (3)

Issue being discussed: Body of Malaysian found after Air Asia plane crash
Date of article: 9/2/15

Sii Chung Huei, the only Malaysian passenger in the crashed plane, his body was found a few days ago but was only confirmed today after the DNA testing.  His family members were waiting at Surabaya and his remains will be handed to his family members tomorrow before being flown back to Sarawak on Wednesday. 162 passengers were on board and only 100 bodies have been found.
This plane was flying from Surabaya, Jakarta towards Singapore. This is the third case of Malaysia airplane incident. I find that it is really unfortunate and I feel really sorry for them. Singapore now have to make an effort to really check on every single plane that departs and arrives the country so as to not let history repeats itself. I believe that if we give it more attention and check it even more precisely, these unfortunate incidents could had been prevented.

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