Wednesday, 18 February 2015

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Response on the article Snowballs fly in Washington, DC
Published on: 18/2/15

The article I am discussing about today is about people in Washington taking advantage of the heavy snow that occurred in the country to participate in a snowball fight. I find that the people are very creative, they looked beyond the heavy snow that hit them and think of a way to enjoy themselves. They have positive mindset and know how to find little joy, in things that affect or benefit them. I am very impressed by their thinking and action and hope that Singaporeans will do the same should we experience such natural disasters or hazardous events. Singaporeans are very blessed, we live comfortably, didn't have any natural disasters and do not have climatic change. People in other countries will have more experience than us, they know what is the meaning of the real joy. For average Singaporeans, being financially secure is a joy to them. However, for villagers living in other countries, joy could be having good weather for weeks or months just so that their crops could survive and be in good shape when it's ready to harvest. Singaporeans live too comfortably and when we experience such unfortunate events, we would be waiting for the government to take actions and will most probably not do anything to improve the situation. I believe that we should learn from the people in Washington, how to find joy in little things. Although our way of living and surviving might be different, we should always learn from them so cherish little things and live, to think positively, to make the situation better and not rely on others and more. It is always good to learn from others and improve ourselves so as to get prepared for unexpected events should they happen to us.

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  1. I agree with you on your point that you made about the people in Washington taking advantage of the heavy snow, they had fun with playing with the snow rather than to be upset about the heavy snow. However, I think that this can happen only if the disaster is not to hazardous, if the snow had being heavier, there might be people losing their lives, not to even mention about having fun. I also think that we are extremely fortunate to live in a place like Singapore, there are no natural hazards that threaten our lives here, I think we should not take this for granted and be more appreciative.