Thursday, 19 February 2015

Genevieve Lim (6)
Title: Woman jailed for attempting to kill mum

The writer states that a 3-year-old daughter, Tina Goh, was jailed for six months for criminal intimidation.
The former Singapore Airlines stewardess, who was heavily in debt and harassed by loan sharks, had heard voices in her depressed state telling her to kill herself and her mother Chen Tong Siew.
The unemployed woman grabbed Madam Chen's leg and tried to lift her over the railing along the fifth-floor common corridor at Village Hotel Changi last Oct 17. The pair had checked into the hotel for two days to get away from loan sharks.
Madam Chen struggled to break free and repeatedly shouted "jiu ming" - Mandarin for help.
 Goh had grabbed one of her legs and tried to lift her over the railing, with the intent to cause death.

I feel that Tina Goh, who had tried to kill her mother, should not have Done it as it was unacceptable. Although Goh was in a depressed state due to her owing $300,000 to loan sharks, which led to her hearing the voices telling her to kill herself and her mother, I think she should have sought help for her phychiatric problem, or sought help from other relatives or friends for her financial problem. According to the article, Goh had an elder sister, so she could have sought help from her. If she had, perhaps she would not have become depressed and have suicidal thoughts. Many people who owe loan sharks debts or are harassed by them end up being depressed and even turning to suicide as a form as escape from their problems. We should be more aware of our psychological health, such as when we are being too stressed or depressed. In such cases, we should know what actions to take, for example seeking help from doctors or taking a break to relax. I also feel we should not borrow money from loan sharks. If we do, they might harass neighbours and our own houses if we do not pay up on time, or even send their men to attack us or our family members. They might also add interests to the original amount of money which in turn will make the victim more prone to depression. also in Singapore, borrowing money from loan sharks is illegal and should not be Done at all.


  1. There is good use of grammar and vocabulary, clear details about the general news but I feel that you can talk more about your life experience like have you know of or heard of someone near you in financial problems? I think you can try to specify your point of seeking help from other people like how will it help the victim and also explain more about the harms of borrowing from loan sharks and also what cause people to have an impulse of borrowing money from them and also the thought of suicide. It is overall good. Maybe some crazy ideas people sought to pay money back to loan sharks, robbing. The root to the problems.

  2. I do agree with your point of view but perhaps more example to convince us.