Thursday, 5 February 2015

Genevieve Lim (6) 5/2/15

Many parents not alert to child's lack of sleep: Study

More than a third of lower primary school pupils are not getting enough sleep, but only 8 percent of parents are aware that their child may have sleeping problems. A survey conducted by four Nanyang Technological University students found that 37.5 percent of six to nine-year-olds show signs of sleep deprivation. On a school day, most pupils sleep an average eight hours, fewer than the nine to ten hours they should ideally clock. This means if a child wakes up at 6am, he or she has to sleep at 9pm. However, 88.8 percent of children go to bed after 9pm, even when they have to wake up early the next day as primary schools start at 7:30am. Most parents were surprised by the findings from the survey.
I feel that pupils should have longer hours of sleeping, especially lower primary school pupils. They need the energy to go to school the next day and pay attention to the lessons, or participate in PE lessons. If they do not have the energy, they might even fall asleep during lessons and end up not understanding anything that is taught throughout the lesson. Thus, their results might deteriorate. Parents should be more aware of their children's sleeping habits, and make sure they sleep early so that they will have the energy to pay attention during lessons. It will also be healthy if they get enough sleep as sleep deprivation can cause children to easily fall sick. One of the reasons why the pupils stay up late may be because of homework. Parents can make sure they finish the homework as early as possible so that they can have enough rest and energy for the next day.


  1. I think that you did a good job in trying to relate the news article to us but I feel that you can talk more about the points of view that the writer is trying to show in the article like how did the writer feel about the fact that most children are sleep deprived and do you agree with her or not and probably so linking with your real life. You can also try to compare it with other countries children about how long they sleep. You also maybe elaborate slightly more on the impact on the children who is sleep deprive as according to what I know the medical university students researched and found out kids who lack 7 to 8 hours of sleep daily will have a premature death. You can also talk more about the reason for sleep deprive. There is good grammar and vocab used. Quite a few different sentence structure.

  2. I think that you can try to relate more to yourself because you are also studying and I agree that children are lacking sleep nowadays due to school work. They need to prepare the kids in terms of knowledge so well that we have to learn a lot of things fast. Maybe ways to increase sleep? Talk about what you think about what caused it, why and the problem with the way of that.