Thursday, 5 February 2015

Goh Ming Yee 2H (7) 5/2/2015

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Current Affairs Response:

1) What is the issue being discussed? What are some of the general observations you have made about the issue discussed?

The issue that is being discussed about is "Jordan vows revenge, executes two Al Qaeda prisoners after ISIS burns to death pilot Muath al-Kaseasbeh". They locked the pilot up in a cage and burned the pilot alive with flammable liquid poured over him. The reason why this started was because they wanted revenge on each other. They also tied bombs to a woman and threatened her. Unfortunately she too died.

2) How does the writer approach this issue? Do you agree with his/her point of view? Why or why not?

The writer think that these acts of those terrorists are gruesome and barbaric. I agree with the writer's point of view as I believe that these acts are not something a human should be doing. Humans do not kill each other for the sake of their on religion. I feel that they are trying to cover up their unforgivable acts by using their religion as a shield. What they have done is absolutely insane. They are either following the religion blindly or trying to use the religion to gain more manpower from the country. To go to the extent of killing people is too much alrdy and must be heavily punished.

3) Relate this to the Singaporean context. How would it be different or similar if it were to happen in Singapore.

If this were to happen in Singapore, I fear that it would cause a pandemonium through out Singapore. There will be definitely people that would not dare leave their homes and definitely people that would start protesting. If possible, the prime minister should use safety measures to save the hostages as well as the terrorists. I think that Singapore would be submerged in fear in no time.

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  1. I think it is not unfortunate that a female terrorist was executed in Jordan. The female terrorist planned to plant bombs at a hotel and I condemn the acts of such terrorists. I believe that executing terrorists is right and moreover, Jordan wants to seek revenge for the Jordanian pilot who was burned alive.
    I do agree that these acts by terrorists are also gruesome and barbaric. ISIS has crossed the line by capturing innocent people and cruelly executing them. They have killed many innocent people, and this is intolerable. However, I don't think we are able to "heavily punish" them. They are growing stronger and stronger and it will be very hard to defeat them.
    It will be definitely a chaos if it were to happen in Singapore. Singapore is a small country, and it is almost impossible to defend against terrorist groups such as ISIS. We should be fortunate that we do not have such terrorist acts and be glad that we have a strong military defence even though we are a small country.