Thursday, 26 February 2015

Guo Hongyi (28)


Relief for parents coping with rising bus fees

This article talks about the rising of school bus fees every year and how it has become more expensive each year. With the Budget 2015 scheme, school bus fees are waived and the students in the financial assistance scheme will pay less for their bus fees. The writer thinks that the rise of school fees are caused by the increased cost of vehicle insurance, and as a result, students have to pay more even though they are not involved in an accident. I agree with the writer that school fees are caused by the increased cost of vehicle insurance. To ensure the students' safety, the school may need to pay more for insurance. They may not have enough funds to pay for the insurance, hence the school bus fees must be raised so that they will be enough money to pay for the insurance.

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  1. I agree with what you have said. we should always care for our safety first, for a better and safer ride, they would not really lose out if they pay abit more. Moreover, school fees are heavily subsidized by the singapore government, take for example how large the difference it is for the school fees for Singaporeans and the foreigners. Once, I saw a article on the news on how a person chose his way of transport over price. The next day, the bus was faulty and he complained about it. Thus, I think that it would not hurt much to spend some more money for increased safety and comfort.