Wednesday, 11 February 2015

issue being discussed: using your phone as you walk may get you in an accident

This article is about a study in which out of a total of 419 people aged 17 to 25, most have had at least one accident because they were glued to their smartphones while walking. A total of 598 accidents were reported by the respondents.This was the result of a survey done by four Nanyang Technological University undergraduates.
i feel that this number is much to high and that people do not really understand the dangers of being glued to your smart phone.Although 84 per cent of those surveyed acknowledged that it was dangerous to be distracted while walking, 93 per cent admitted to still fiddling with their phones.
in order to enhance people's knowledge about the dangers of being glued to their smartphones,Ms Sydney Teng, 22, a final-year communications student at NTU, said she and her team mates decided to launch a campaign to promote safe walking as she often hears stories about people having near-misses while using their phones.
In my opinion, we should not fiddle with our mobiles while walking, much less crossing the road. No matter how good your multitasking may be, one mistake will severely harm you, and all because you checked your phone. I feel that this isk is not worth the consequences, and although there is currently no law against it, the threat of being hit by a car should be more effetive than any law

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  1. I disagree with you that people do not really understand the consequences of using their phones while walking. In fact, I think that it is that although people are aware of the dangers of using their smartphones while walking, they refuse to consider the possibility that they may get involved in a road accident when using their phones. I share your thoughts that one should not use one's phone when walking nor crossing the roads as it is not worth one's health to reply to a message or to play a game while walking.