Thursday, 19 February 2015

Jan Hoe (08)

Yesterday, the 43-year-old Tina Goh who was heavily in debt and harassed by loan sharks, had heard voices in her depressed state telling her to kill herself and her mother Chen Tong Siew.The unemployed woman grabbed Madam Chen's leg and tried to lift her over the railing along the fifth-floor common corridor at Village Hotel Changi last Oct 17. The pair had checked into the hotel for two days to get away from loan sharks.Madam Chen struggled to break free and repeatedly shouted for help. The hotel's general manager heard the commotion and managed to separate them. Police were called in.

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This article left me in great shock. I feel that even though if she was meeting problems, she should not have tried to murder her mother 
and commit suicide. There are actually many ways to solve the problem. Tina Goh could have reported to the police about the loan sharks instead of avoiding the loan sharks and then killing herself. This is a very irresponsible act. She should have tried to face her problem and look for a job to repay the money that she owes. In conclusion, I feel that Tina Goh should not have tried to commit suicide since this would also leave her loved ones in pain.

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  1. I agree to Jan's opinion that we should resolve the conflict in a peaceful manner, there are many ways to solve the problem other that committing suicide. She could have ask for help from government centres or call the police should the loan sharks harass her again. What a reckless act she did.