Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Jeremy Tay (35)

Issue being discussed: Taiwan's TransAsia Airways offers $640,000 in compensation to families of latest crash - See more at:

  The main point of this article is that after the loss of many lives after the plane crashed earlier this month, Taiwan's TransAsia Airways announced on Wednesday that it would pay TW$14.9 million (S$640,000) in compensation to relatives of each of the victims. They were hoping to reach a settlement with these families by compensating with money.Taiwanese flight regulator Civil Aeronautics Administration demanded that all 71 of TransAsia's ATR pilots take an oral test on basic operation and emergency procedure of the French-made aircraft.Pilots who fail will be grounded immediately and enrolled in a month-long qualification training, while those who pass will be sent abroad to take simulator training and further qualification tests
  I think that compensating these peoples lives with money is rather unfair and irresponsible. People's lives cannot be exchanged for with money as it is priceless. Many people think that as long as they are rich, they can do anything and buy anything they like but i think that that may not be necessarily true as there are things such as people's lives which cannot be bought with money. Although in the current situation, there may not be other better compensations other than money, i think they should consider the worth of lives and consider how these families feel.

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  1. I disagree with you that compensating the affected families with money is irresponsible. In fact, this actually proves that the airlines company is willing to take the responsibility for the loss of lives. S$640,000 is not just nickels and dimes. With the number of passengers, the company is losing millions of dollars for this accident. Some families may demand for compensation as their breadwinners were probably in the flight, and the family members would require the compensation sum to live through the upcoming days.