Friday, 13 February 2015

Jesper Leow (30)

Recently in Pakistan, there was an attack by gunmen on an Pakistani Shia mosque that lead to 19 deaths and 45 wounded. One of the gunmen blew himself up, one of them were killed in the gunfire and one was arrested. I observed that these terrorist attacks are often carried out on a certain race or religion, and I feel that such acts of racism should not be done. I think that if this was to happen in Singapore, it would lead to major distress because Singapore is a small country and can easily be destroyed, so we must stand together and do what is required in order to survive if this happens.



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  2. I agree with you. As this terrorist attack happened in a mosque, there must be a reason for this and there is a great possibility that there were many people in the mosque and the terrorist hated them so much and wanted to kill them and ruin their prayers. If a terrorist attack were to happen in Singapore, I'm sure that the Singaporeans would be panicking, but the victims and their families would go through this as one with the other Singaporeans