Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Jing Jing (23)

Name of Article : Litter problem, big headache
Date published : 10 February 2015 

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The issue discussed here is about why litter problem perceive and what can be done to solve it. According to this article, reasons like complacency fostered by army of cleaners, a 'don't care' attitude among citizens and growing up pampered, some also suggested that the different cultural attitudes between some new citizens and foreign workers and a reluctance to truly shame people who litter could also contribute to the persisting littering problem. I quote, "  Despite what seems to be a perennial and unsolvable problem, many experts believe Singapore can still reclaim its sterling reputation as a clean city.
What will be key to getting this done is for all Singapore residents to do their part, they said. "

I agree with the experts' point of view that there is still hope to solve or reduce litter problem in Singapore as long as Singaporeans do their part. Awareness should be raised regarding these issues and some individuals can step out and volunteer to organise talks and make brochures. However, the essential thing here is for Singaporeans to stop taking cleaners for granted and start disposing litter properly. If everyone walk that few steps to the bin to throw rubbish, imagine how important it will be, towards the solving of litter problem.

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  1. I agree with you that it is important that we Singaporeans should keep our country clean and take the initiative to clean up whatever mess we made ourselves. However, the habit of them to take the initiative have to start from young, since habits are hard to change. The parents need to have that habit themselves and the government should take more impactful measurements to make us learn our lesson.