Thursday, 5 February 2015

Joyce Yeo 11

More than a third of lower primary school pupils are not getting enough sleep, but only 8 per cent of parents recognise that their child may have sleep problems. A survey by four Nanyang Technological University (NTU) students of more than 300 parents last November and December found that 37.5 per cent of six-to-nine-year-olds show signs of sleep deprivation. On a school day, most pupils sleep an average eight hours which is fewer than the nine to 10 hours they should ideally clock. However, 88.8 per cent of the children hit the sack after 9pm, when most of them need to wake up early as primary schools start at 7.30am. Unfortunately, most parents do not realize that sleep deprivation is an issue among the kids.

I agree with the writer that children are not getting enough sleep and parents aren't aware about it. Children may end up getting depression due to lack of sleep as they keep thinking about the loads of work that school gave and not having the time to rest thus, would get depressed easily.

I personally feel that parents should be more aware to the issue that their children are not getting enough sleep so that they can help the children get more sleep by urging them to turn in when bed time strikes in order for the kids to have enough sleep. Children who are schooling should have longer sleeping time so that they would not feel tired the next day and can pay full attention in class. If they do not have enough sleep, the results of it would be them dozing off during lessons and missing out on what is being taught in class. Thus, they may end up learning nothing and their results may deprove drastically. When children are lack of sleep, they often find it very hard to concentrate in class thus, they should sleep early so that they are full of energy the next day and can learn new things. Deprivation of sleep may also cause children to feel stessed and burdened thus, they may be agitated due to the slightest thing as their temper would change when not having enough rest. When they feel stressed, thinking that a lot of things are thrown to them at the same time and cannot handle them , they would most probably break down and may even commit suicide. Children may also get sick easily as lack of rest often cause them to have a weaker immune system. All these negative effects are caused by school giving too much work, resulting in children not having enough time to sleep. thus, I strongly encourage school to slow down the pace of teaching and stop giving the kids so much work that would suffocate them.


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  2. Stand is clear and is repeated throughout the article review. However, more elaboration is required so as to attract the reader into agreeing with you. Despite that the grammar is flawless. Room for improvement but up to standard.