Thursday, 5 February 2015

Judy Huang (9)

Current Affairs (1) 05/02

Article Title : New Scholarship for Students Interested in Academia
Date Published : 2 February 2015
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The issue discussed is about MOE having more scholarships for more students who are in need of financial needs to have better studying resources. They are given scholarships for a particular field which they are doing very well in, or seems to have talent in. Students receiving this scholarship must also demonstrate a high level of proficiency, motivation and interst in a particular field. If they satisfy all the criteria, they will also be sponsored for postgraduate scholarships and take up academic positions offered by the universities.

I think MOE is doing this so that children from families with financial difficulties can also get a certain amount of education and are not treated any differently from those who are financially well. It is unfair if a student is very good academically but because of financial reasons are unable to attend university. And if the student has any hidden talents, they will never be found. Doing this, more Singaporeans will be able to receive better education and be able to contribute more to the society in the future. I think that this is a very good opportunity for students from low income families to get a higher level of education. The scholarships for undergraduates are also very useful because there may be students who have older siblings and their families do not have enought money to send them to school during secondary or JC. They can work hard and get the scholarship so they will be able to continue schooling even thought they are still undergraduates. I think the creating of more scholarships will provide more young people who are less fortunate with more chances and it will benefit Singapore in the future. 

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