Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Judy Huang (9)

Current Affairs (2) 18/02

Article Title : Women Jailed for Attempting to Kill Mum
Date Published : 18 February 2015
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The issue being discussed in this article is a 43 year old women, Tina Goh, attempted to kill her mum at a hotel because of stress. She was thinking of committing suicide as well. Due to her heavy debts, loan sharks where constantly harassing her and it gave her stress, leading to suicidal thoughts. And she was stopped when she was caught trying to kill her mum at a hotel they temporarily checked in to avoid the load sharks for 2 days.

I think that for Tina to be feeling suicidal and have such thoughts is not entirely her fault, anyone in her shoes might have been thinking of the same thing. But it was she who went to the loan sharks in the first place to borrow money. She must have maxed out her loans at all the banks to have taken such measures, knowing that it is illegal and the interest rate from these loan sharks are unreasonably high. It would have been better if she tried to cut down on her expenses when she wasn't earning enough, or work longer hours to earn more. The worst decision was to deal with loan sharks. The offer the loan sharks gave her must be very tempting for her to accept it without considering the consequences. But she should have told the police about the loan sharks and not accept the offer. There are many people who have financial difficulties but very rarely do they end up like her, suffering emotional depression and resulting in suicidal thoughts and eventually actions. There will always be a way to help her out of her desperate situation had she not dealt with the loan sharks.

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  1. Clear description of news.
    Relevant points made
    Good elaboration
    Points u may want to add:
    Wat harm did the presence of loan shark did to the citizen