Thursday, 5 February 2015

Koh Yi Ling (12) 5Feburary 2015

     Many lower primary school students are not getting enough sleep, but only 8 per cent of the parents recognize that their child might have sleep problems, which can be quite worrying. It was stated that parents were shocked by the findings that many students are very tired during the day, fall asleep when commuting on transport, fall asleep while watching television, and that parents should be more aware. It was also stated that if a student has to wake up at 6am, the lates he or she has to sleep is by 9pm, but many students sleep later than 9pm, and do not sleep at the same time everyday. According to Dr Michael Lim, the child is supposed to have a consistent bedtime routine and the quality of sleep is as important as the sleeping hours.
     I feel that the parents should be more aware of the number of hours their children sleep and look out whether they are often restless. If they get tired during the day, it will affect their ability to concentrate during class and they might miss out some important information that the teacher had said, causing their results to drop, which is one of the common effects of sleep deprivation. The parents can also help prevent the children from having sleep deprivation by making sure that have enough sleep every day and maintain a consistent bedtime routine. Sleep deprivation is very common among students, so parents should definitely be more aware about the child's hours of sleep and quality of sleep, for the child's benefit and also minimize the chances of common effects of sleep deprivation in children, such as deteriorating results, inattention, poor decision making skills s d a higher risk of displaying anxiety and depressive symptoms.


  1. I do not agree with your point that students' parents should be more aware of the sleep hours of the students, because even if they are aware, they cannot do much about it. My mother is aware that I have to wake up at latest 6 in order to reach school in time, but the earliest I am able to sleep is 10

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  3. pm, but she cannot do anything to help me sleep earlier