Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Koh Yi Ling(12) 18/2/2015

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Article: baby dies after improperly opened stroller pushed toddler cousin

This article is about A baby who died after his 21 months old cousin pushed him in the stroller which was not properly opened and secured by his aunt which had caused the stroller to fold inwards with the baby still inside, which caused him to have three skull fractures and bleeding in the brain, found unresponsive and was dead the day after.
I feel that the aunt should be more cautious and careful with the stroller. She might not have known the dangers that could happen and probably did not care much about whether the stroller was properly opened and secured which is shown through a 'click' sound. The stroller was also in a rusty condition which made it harder to secure the stroller properly. The aunt should have changed the stroller as she knew about the rusty condition of the stroller. If she had been more observant and cautious, this accident might not have happened.

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  1. I feel sorry for the baby who had died, and I agree with you that the aunt should have been more careful with the stroller. Babies should be well taken care of as they cannot take care of themselves yet, and I would not let a baby be in a stroller of such dangerous position