Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Lee Xin Yi (13)

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Article name: Foreign workers seen queuing for Chinese New Year bak kwa at Lim Chee Guan
Date of published: 17 February 2015
  This article is about Singaporeans being too busy to join the ridiculously long queues for bak kwa this Chinese New Year and thus get their workers to do it for them then. Some employers had asked their employees to help them queue up to buy bak kwa for the Chinese New Year. It was shown in the picture that someone took that some employees even need to stay overnight outside the shop to buy bak kwa.
  I agree with the writer that employers asking employees to buy things for them is strictly unacceptable because they should do the needs themselves as they will become lazier if they always order others to do things for them. In the article, the write stated 'highlighting the practice once again', which means that employers asking employees to do things for them was not the first time but it have been many times. Firstly, asking someone to do things for them is unacceptable. They should be responsible and do things on their own as buying bak kwa is actually to fulfil their own needs, not the employees. Secondly, the employees are here to help us in our daily life, such as office worker, cleaner, and construction worker etc. They are not our maid and they should be treated the same as how we treat our fellow colleagues or friends. They are still human beings. Thirdly, it is not a good example to show the new generation as these days, people from newer generations have been more lazy and more rude. Thus, the older generation people should set good examples for the newer generation and not teach them how to order people around. Hence, I think that asking others to help fulfill your own needs is unacceptable and Singaporeans should change these kind of behaviors.

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  1. Your points are clear and relevant, as they help explanin how and why these employers should not use their employees for their own purposes.
    However, I feel that you can actually combine your points, because your second and third points simply explains your first point. If you combine these points together, your point will be more elaborate, which will lack if you separate the points.
    And I think you can also state that the employers are just simply abusing their power as someone of a higher rank. With this, you can say that the employers are people who don't have the values of being a leader to lead his employees, and thus they do not even deserve to be an employer.
    And just a correction that employers may not be of a higher age to be one, since people of younger ages can also be an employer to lead older employees, because they have more experience with the job. And also the employers should let the employees get Bak Kwa for themselves for Chinese New Year, instead of still having to buy for their fellow employers.