Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Leong Shi Hui (14) Article response 18/2/15

**I'm so sorry that I'm late. I had a reunion lunch & dinner that lasted till around midnight yesterday and I had to sleep straight after. Hence I didn't submit my article response. I'm really sorry and I promise I won't do this again**

1. The issue discussed in this article is that Francis Goh, 57, a landlord found that the compound in Johor Baru that was rented to a tenant who owed four months of rent contained 24 malnourished dogs and some were too famished and desperate that they resorted to cannibalism: eating each other. Mr Goh described the scene, "Some of the dogs were lying in the backyard while the rest were too feeble to move. They were lying in their own filth among all the rubbish in the house," 

2. I feel that the writer is pitying the dogs while writing this article. I agree with the writer's point of view because I too pity the dogs. From the text, it can be seen that the house was poorly-kept from "The house is filthy, with dog faeces everywhere" maybe because the tenant escaped from his debts. I think that this type of environment is bad for digs, even for humans. Since the dogs are malnourished and famished now, their immune system will definite be weaker, and with filth and faeces all around, the germs from it will carry diseases like tick fever. Hence, the dog will be more prone to it. But I think that the main problem lies with the tenant. The tenant should not have abandoned the dogs in his house to escape from his debts. Even if the dogs were strays, he should not have done that because at the moment he picked up the dog, he hd the responsibility to take care of the dog till its life ends. One of my relatives had a dog. The dog was healthy at first but after a few months, it was diagnosed with 4th stage lung cancer. Once knowing the news, the relative did not give her dog away to the shelter or to others but instead stayed with the dog till its final day. When I asked her the reason she did it, she told me, "Once you have a dog, it is like your child. When your child has a incurable sickness, will you leave him or her there to wait for their time?" I think that the tenant should learn from my relative because she has displayed all the good qualities of being a pet owner, like responsibility. If the tenant could not support himself in the first place, why did he pick up so many dogs? I think he should gauge his financial abilities before picking up the dogs. Hence I agree with the writer's point of view which is pitying the dogs.

3. If this happened in Singapore, I think that I would not take as long as four months to smell something fishy about the tenant because we have laws that allow government officials to have the right to search the compound in which the tenant is owing money. The police in Singapore will also react quickly to every report, not like the police in Johor Baru. 

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  1. I mostly agree with shihuis point of view, but I think that she did not think about it from the tenants perspective. The article mentioned that the tenant was a single mother, and a reputable person. If she is really in a financial crisis, the government should set up loans to help her, and the dogs may have been an serious oversight to not release them properly. It was likely that they were strays, and that she was trying to help by bringing them to her house. If it was really circumstance that pushed her to this, than we should offer her help. She must have had a really hard time as she is single, and have to look after her child/children. Thus, escaping her debts was an act of desperation. The government should have given more help, and this tragedy could have been adverted, thus I think it is wrong to solely blame the tenant. If the government had given her more help, or have loans for people who are struggling, it would have been different. If we think about it from the tenants perspective, we would understand her actions more. I do not deny that what she did to the dogs were wrong, but considering how stressed out she must have been over her financial problems, and her desperate act to flee, it was understandable that she did not have time/energy to release the dogs properly, or she may have overlooked it due to her other problems. I think that the article was also slightly biased as it did not mention a lot on the tenants problems, and merely briefly skipped over it with a few sentences. in conclusion, I think that shihui did not think about the article from the tenants perspective, and that the writer did not emphasise on the tenants problems and was thus biased.