Thursday, 5 February 2015

Leong Shi Hui (14) 5/2/15

Leong Shi Hui (14) Article Response 5/2/15
Article: Straits Time February 2 2015

1. The issue being discussed is that the daughter of the Korean Air boss, Heather Cho, involved in the "nut rage" incident has broke aviation laws and conspired with other company executives to force crew members to lie about the Dec 5 incident. She is on trial now with prosecutors seeking a 3 year jail term. It is also observed that she had a bad reputation in Korean Air for treating her crew like "feudal slaves", being "like a beast that found its prey gritting its teeth as she became abusive, not listening to what I say at all" according to the Chief Steward.

2. I feel that the writer has a disapproving tone while I read this article. I agree with the writer's point of view because I too think that Heather Cho is very unreasonable. From the article, it can be seen that the Chief Steward said Cho "was like a beast that found its prey gritting its teeth as she became abusive, not listening to what I say at all". I think that this kind of behavior is very bad, because she is totally not putting in effort to have a good working relationship with the Chief Steward so that things can be done easily in the aircraft. Since running an aircraft and catering to their guests' needs is not easy, you will need every help possible to make the flight an enjoyable one for the guests, hence you will need a healthy working relationship. In order to have a healthy working relationship, you will have to know when to stand strong for your point of view and when to listen to others' opinion. In primary school, I had a group mate that was exactly like Heather Cho. She was very bossy, wanting everything to be done in the way she wants to, not even asking for our opinions. Furthermore, she even neglected the marking rubric, making our project a mess. The teacher was very confused why our project was a mess, hence she approached us and found out what happened. The teacher understood our problem and talked to the group mate. After the talk, the girl finally understood the importance of teamwork, changing her ways and listened to everyone's opinion. This example shows that Heather Cho should strive to become a people-centric person, not just persisting on her 'stance'. Hence, I agree with the writer's point because Heather Cho is very bossy and should listen more to her subordinates to maintain a good working relationship.

3. If this incident happened in Singapore, the government will take serious actions on it, not even giving the person a chance to 'explain' for him or herself because what the person did wrong was clearly stated in black and white to not do that, hence the person should not even be doing that.

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  1. I think that what shin hui said was correct, but I think that her behavior was more of a condencing one as she treated her workers as her inferiors and slaves, and more than being bossy. Also, the example shi hui raised was between group mates, and different from a employer and a worker. heather cho should have listened to the workers side of the story, but what I found unacceptable was the fact that she "treated them like feudal slaves" showing her treatment goes beyond being bossy. She should understand that workers are not slaves, and not simply being less bossy. Her behavior was very wrong, and the cause of the nut rage accident was over a trivial thing, but she made a scene, and even drove the plane back. This shows that she regarded herself as more important than others, and her abusive behavior was shown by the kicking of the worker. This, I think, is more serious than being bossy