Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Lim Jak Zeng (31)

Gunman kills 3 in S Korea’s Sejong City, later found dead

Published on: 6:31 PM, FEBRUARY 25, 2015

  This article is about a gunman who killed three people in a convenience store in South Korea, before setting it on fire and fleeing. He end up being found dead with a gunshot wound to his head in an apparent suicide. Among the dead was a father, a son and another man who lived with the daughter. When questioned, the daughter stated that she lived with the gunman before breaking up with him a year and a half ago. She said that both of them have recently quarreled about financial matters, including the man's claim that he had a financial stake in the store. 
After reading this article, I felt really shocked after realising what greediness can actually cause someone to resort to such inhuman and selfish acts. Just because of the quarrel over financial matters between the daughter and the gunman and the gunman's greed to claim a financial stake in the daughter's shop, which he probably did not get, he actually became so frustrated and desperate until a point that he decided to kill the father and the people in the store as, probably, revenge for not getting the share he demands. I think this is very selfish and inhuman, as the gunman actually killed and hurt people just because of his frustration for not getting what he wants: money. This greediness in him to seize the opportunity to get some money has really overwhelmed him and caused him to not pause and think of the consequences of his actions. I feel that the gunman should not have the thought of having financial stakes of the daughter's shop, and even if he has to do so, he should settle it with agreements and not be insistent, which subsequently led to his extreme and inhuman ways to resolve this issue. If he resolved the issue with fair agreements, no member in the daughter's family would be lost and she does not hav to suffer the pain of losing a brother and father now. 
  In Singapore, we don't have any cases of shootings as the Singaporean Government do not allow Singaporean's or anyone in Singapore, other than the national defense forces, to own guns, compared to the Korean Government, which allows the civillians guns to be kept at the police station and only used during legal hunting periods. 

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  1. Good points:
    -A wide range of vocabularies were used
    -Thoughts about the gunman were relevant and further elaborated
    -Summary of the article is short and clear
    Things you should consider:
    -For the last paragraph, you can further elaborate on the impacts of Singapore's residences not having a gun with them
    -In line 4, you can actually say something like 'the father's daughter' because it actually takes me quite some time to figure out whose daughter she is