Friday, 20 February 2015

Lim Xin Yi ( 15 ) 20 - February-2015 ( Term 1 Week 7 )

Article Headline: Australia warns of calamity as massive cyclone roars ashore

On 20th February 2015 ( Friday ) , at 0600 hours Singapore time , Tropical Cyclone Marcia slammed into the coast of Queensland of Australia. The cyclone was rated in category 5, the most severe. Although the most vulnerable area is Yeppoon, places as far as Brian will also be affected.  Not only do the residents have to tidy up and guard their own properties, electricity was cut off, shelters and rescues teams were also needed for evacuation of residents loving in some of the affected areas. As a result of Tropical Cyclone Marcia, many flights were cancelled and more than 60 schools had to close down.

I agree that this weather phenomenon is severe and will bring about much damage to both the environment there and the lives of people there. Spanning over a large area is the affected parts of Australia and it will affect approximately 170000 people. I think that this disaster will make the victims' lives a lot more difficult even if Tropical Cyclone Marcia were to leave. People suffer great property kiss and damage and at the same time, they may also lose their lived ones. Furthermore,  most factories and buildings would need reparation or rebuilding. Hence, fewer work would be available and the people's lives may be harder as they may even have difficulty supporting their families and themselves.

After reading this article, I think that I am really fortunate to living living in Singapore. Since Singapore is near the equation,  it does not encounter such natural disasters . However, I think that the consequences will be a lot more worse as compared to Queensland if Tropical Cyclone Marcia were to happen in Singapore.  I think so as Singaoore is a densely populated country that is very small. If Tropical Cyclone Marcia were to hit Singapore,  it is most likely the entire of Singapore will be affected severely by it. Many residents would also be affected since Singapore is highly polluted and that there are also few or no shelters that protect people against such natural phenomenons. Thus, I think that if Tropical Cyclone Marcia were to hit Singapore, the while of Singapore might be affected badly and the country may have to start from zero again.


  1. i agree with you that if singapore was to be hit by a natural disaster, it would not survive, as we are too small.however, you mentioned that singapore was prevented from disasters as it is near the equator. this is wrong. singapore has no disasters as it is protected by java, sumatra, borneo, and peninsular malaysia as a buffer against disasters. i feel pity for those affected by the typhoon and hope that they have a return to their normal lives soon.

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