Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Matthew (34)

Article: Not Giving in to Muscle Disease without a Fight

The issue being discussed here is that inn the next few years, emcee and radio personality Joe Augustin’s 16-year-old son Jordan may require ventilator support to help him breathe, as Jordan was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). Even though there is no cure for this rare disease, Jordan and his parents still remain positive and want to help Jordan live life to his fullest. One thing I have observed about this issue is that even though Jordan and his parents are faced with this unfortunate situation, they remain optimistic and try to keep all pessimism away.

The writer did not make a point when writing the article, however doctors and experts feel that it is better for relatives to be honest with the patients regarding the disease, although it is good to remain positive even when faced with problems. I agree with their views as being honest with the patients allow them to be mentally prepared and also have a better understand of the diseases they are diagnosed with, instead of being delusional about their condition. However, being positive when faced with problems is also good as it help patients to think on the brighter side and this might improve their conditions. Thinking positively helps to allow patients to engage in different activities even if they have a certain condition, which allows them to live life to the fullest. Instead of being depressed and feeling all negative about the fact that he or she is diagnosed with a disease, it would be a better option to be doing things that others are doing and not feel like an outcast just because of being diagnosed with an illness.

If someone close to me was unfortunately diagnosed with a disease, I would encourage him/her to continue living life normally and not be bothered with the illness to keep aside any negative feelings. If he/she keeps an open mindset to the fact that she is still able to do the same things that others do even with the illness, it might improve his/her condition by keeping up with a optimistic point of view towards their own condition.

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  1. The part where you are talking about if you're agreeing to the doctors and experts' point of view is confusing because you said it's better to be honest to with the patients regarding the disease although it is good to remain positive but after that, you said that thinking positive is good and you will do that to someone you are close with. You can clarify that to improve your response.
    Overall, it is good with good vocabulary and grammar.