Thursday, 12 February 2015

Matthew Seah (34)

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The issue that is being discussed here is that Singapore Airlines passengers have made complaints on Facebook and Stomp that they did not have pleasant flight experiences aboard an MI/SQ flight, which has since invited backlash by netizens who have seen the posts. I have observed that the people that posted negative feedback on social media are in the wrong in the first place, yet they are bold enough to find fault with the airlines.

The writer did not take a stand in this issue, however I do agree with the netizens that the passengers should not complain that much about their experience onboard the plane when they were in the wrong. I feel that this is an irresponsible act and they are not thinking of the cabin crew's feelings. A netizen stated that she was impressed with the flight attendants for coming up with the tray of food despite the circumstance that the passenger did not preorder the food for her baby. In my opinion, the passenger could have preordered the food beforehand to allow preparation time for the food. If I were in the shoes of the flight attendants, I would not have the patience to deal with the passenger's last-minute request. As such, I feel that the flight attendants' patience is commendable, and respect them for their effort in putting in time to fulfill their clients' requests to uphold their duties in their job. In a case where I am served well by these flight attendants, I would definitely be writing in to compliment them for the pleasant experience, rather than criticising them.

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  1. I think that you are not clear in explaining why the passengers are wrong because there can be a chance where they really got served badly or experienced the plane ride unpleasantly, the cabin crew will be in the wrong if this is the circumstance. The part where you're talking about an example where there's a passenger who got served pleasantly is well explained and it's linked to what you're saying and you did talk about what will happen if you were in the shoes of a person, that's good!