Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Sarah Lim (19)

9 February 2015

[Issue discussed] Going to school in the isolated inferior of Malaysia is a feat itself. Children have to walk through the jungle at 6am every morning to reach school. The trek to school is a reality of life in isolated villages where there are limited roads, schools and hospitals. By age 13, all children leave their parents to attend secondary schools in towns. It is when children struggle to adjust to urban life. Being shy and gentle, they have problems socialising with others and might even get bullied.

[Writer's opinion] Based on the choice of words and the examples sided, the writer is trying to bring our attention to 'neglected' education in these isolated inferior parts of Malaysia. The school is not easily assessable and many feel discouraged upon completing their schooling in towns and cities, arising from the fact that the family time is reduced and the child may meet with difficulties to adapt to rural life.

[My response] I agree with the writer. I feel the government is not doing a good job in managing the education aspect in rural areas. Undergoing education as a villager seems to require more sacrifices such as waking up early in the morning and making a decision whether or not to continue schooling despite the unsatisfactory circumstances. Should the government take relevant measures to improve the situation, students living in rural areas would thereby experience a more enriching school life.

[Relation to Singapore context] As Singapore is a small country, it is easier to manage. In my opinion, the government would thus be able to respond to the needs of different groups of people more efficiently.

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  1. I agree with Sarah's point that the government is not doing a good job in managing the education aspect in rural areas. A good government should take note of the country's needs especially if there are many rural places in their country as the people there have many inconvenience. For example, they should construct more smooth roads for them to travel on and build more schools and hospitals nearer to the villages. Education is also an important thing for the children there.Without education they cannot venture out to the city and work. Who knows if in the future, the villages are all replaced with tall buildings and skyscrapers?