Thursday, 26 February 2015

Sarah Lim (19)

Title: Schools gear up for first round of RHB-The Straits Times National Spelling Championship
Date: 26 February 2015, Thursday

Issue discussed:
Amidst a packed week of revision for the upcoming tests, students armed themselves with storybooks, word lists and dictionaries in preparation for the Straits Times National Spelling Championship, also known as the Big Spell. These students were chosen based on their consistent good work shown in weekly spelling tests.

The writer mentioned,
"I will look for difficult words, memorise them and also look for their meanings. Sometimes my mother will help to test me." [participating student]
"It allows the children to have a greater precision of the English language and it emphasises the importance of spelling in literacy development. That is very much in line with our school's focus on developing engaged learners and effective communicators." [teacher]

Pointing out all the positive responses meant that the writer supports the idea of spelling competitions. She is obviously encouraging more of such educational and fun activities in the near future. I agree with the writer that spelling competitions is an approach that benefits students academically and mentally. One student said that his mother helped him by testing him those "foreign words" which he had looked up the meaning on the Internet. He took the initiative to not just memorise the foreign words, but look up on the various meanings of the words showed that he is responsible for his learning which is a value schools tries very hard to cultivate in students. Next, parent involvement in midst of the child preparation for the Big Spell enhances parent-child relationship. Lastly, the teacher mentioned that the Big Spell allows students to have a greater precision of the English language, emphasises the importance of spelling in literacy development and aids in developing engaged learner and effective communicators. True enough, the Big Spell have bring bundles of advantages in which students learnt the importance of precision and develops characteristics of a "model learner".

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  1. I agree with Sarah that these spelling competitions have many benefits not just on students and also parents too. I think that schools should promote more of these competitions so that students are encouraged to enter them. These students may also build up their school's reputation if they won.