Saturday, 21 February 2015

Yeoh zi jun (36) 2H

Yeoh Zi Jun(36) 2H

The article I am discussing about is that Chelsea, bars three racist  fans from entering the stadium. The victim, Soulymane aged 33,was trying to board a subway train when he got pushed down by Chelsea fans before the English team clashed with Paris saint-germain. They were reported of chanting' racist racist, we are racist and we like it' and another person was heard chanting the word Chelsea. This case is currently undergoing investigation and if the people are found out,they will be barred from entering the stadium forever. The victim will be allowed to watch a match in London in apology and to show him that the Chelsea fans are not like the ones he encountered. When being asked for his response, he wasn't very surprised when it occurred simply because of his skin color. He did not complain or say anything. He did not talked about the issue to his family members because it was a morbid subject. I was shocked at his response and how lightly he took it. To him,it was a normal to be targeted mainly because of his skin color, he lives and deal with the problem. If I was him, I would be really angry at the people because they were being racist. I felt very shocked upon knowing this incident because I did not know that racism still persist in some countries. Having grown up in multi racial society, I have developed a sense of being harmonious with everyone. Unfortunately in some countries that wasn't the case. Furthermore, they were chanting a soccer team 's name. This made us all question," Is soccer really like that?" What are the morals that were taught to this people. Is soccer really only about winning. If the soccer players can work well together to win matches, why can't they live harmoniously? This incident have shared a light on me that racism is still persisting. If this was to happen in Singapore,I would be really shocked and dumbfounded by it. From young,we are preached not to be racist and to live harmoniously without conflicts. "Pledge ourselves as one United nation,regardless of race,language or religion...." That is our pledge isn't it? It is really emphasized that racism cannot and will not occur in Singapore and if this was to happen in Singapore it will be a huge blow to its reputation of being a harmonious country where everyone can live together without conflicts.

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  1. I agree with your point of view and that I was also very shocked when I read about the victim taking the incident very lightly. And I personally feel that besides just feeling shocked and dumbfounded, if a similar case was to happen in Singapore, I would also feel very embarrassed by those people. This is because as Singaporeans, we were brought up in an environment where we mix with people of all races and religion, working together as one. If this was to still happen despite having lived in Singapore's environment since young, it is really very embarrassing and a loss of face as this just reflects on how Singapore, as a multi racial society, have failed to educate the citizens on the matter.