Thursday, 12 February 2015

This is a Current Affairs Blog

A. Read and respond to CURRENT NEWS, i.e. news articles from the current week. DO NOT RE-USE ARCHIVED NEWS. 

Should you make use of the recommended readings in the google docs, make sure you use the articles and Theme for the current month. 

Provide the title as well as a hyperlink of the news article of your choice.

Use these questions to help you craft your responses:

1.  What is the issue being discussed?  What are some observations you have made about the issue discussed?

2.  How does the writer approach the issue?  Do you agree with his/ her point of view?  Why, or why not?

3. [Should your article be from a foreign press, then you should also relate this to a Singapore context.]  How would it be similar/ different if it were to happen in Singapore?

B.  On weeks when you are not required to post a response, you are to comment on a classmate's response.   Engage with the views shared and extend the quality of reasoning. You are also required to support your points when supplying comments.

These pupils are required to re-submit their comments:

Sarah Lim(19),  Wei ZeYu(21),  Zhou Wei(24),  Chuan Han Wei(26),  Lee Shao Min(29),
Matthew Seah(34),  Jeremy Tay(35)

The following pupils have not done their work.  You have until 23 59  Friday, 13 February to upload your posts.  Disciplinary action will be taken.

Chew Jing Heng(25) -  Comment not submitted
Dai YiZhuo(27) - Comment and Response Not Submitted
Jesper Leow(30) - Comment and Response Not Submitted
Ng Tat Kit(33) - Comment Not Submitted
Yeoh Zi Jun(36) - Comment and Response Not Submitted

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