Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Wei Ze Yu (21)

Walk, don't text

  This article is about pedestrians using there mobile phones while they walk and cross the road. Although there were many accidents because of this behavior but people still walk with their eyes glued on their mobile phones. An undergraduate Nur Zahirah said that she still knows what was going on around her even though she was looking at her phone. However, Dr Andrian Wang a psychiatrist pointed out that looking at our phone reduces our field of vision and make us less aware of things happening around us, as a result, we might not see oncoming danger, such as a car or pothole.

  In my opinion, I think we should not use our mobile phones when we walk or cross the road as I think this is very dangerous. No matter how good you can multitask by looking at the surroundings while use your phone, we will still be distracted. Imaging a car did not stop at red light, and we are looking at our phones. We thought that there will be no cars, but the car did not stop, and we were looking at our phones, totally unaware of the oncoming danger. Despite of knowing this fact, many people still continued with what they do.

  This issue is in Singapore but this is not against the law, however I think the government should have some safety measures.


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  1. I do agree with you that pedestrian should not be using phone while walking on streets. This is a common sight not only in Singapore but also in other countries where there is advancement in technology. I believe if the government implement this law into the ruling system, many will reason that that technology plays a big part in our lives now. However, people did not know the consequences if this action. It may only be seen as nothing. Just looking at your phone while walking, but it can lead to death, fatal injury and more. Having safety measures is a must and it's not only until people realises the harm it will bring to them, they will not stop behaving like this.