Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Wei Ze Yu (21)

Article headline: Woman jailed for attempting to kill mum


  The issue being discussed in this article is Tina Goh of 43, who was jailed for six months for crime intimidation. She attempted to kill her mother by grabbing her mother's leg and tried to lift her over the railing along the fifth floor common corridor at Village Hotel Changi last October 17. The pair had checked into the hotel for two days to get away from loansharks. Goh owned the loansharks $300,000 and she could not afford to pay it back, she was so stressed that she had depression and susidal thoughts and even attempted to kill her mother.

    Firstly, I feel that Tina Goh, who attempted to kill her mother should not have done that as it was very inhuman. I believe that she only did it on impulse as she was overly stressed and she had depression. However, I think that there is no excuse for attempting to kill her mother just because she had depression, she should have sought help for her psychiatric problem. Next, I think that she should not have borrowed money from loan sharks  no matter how desperately she needed the money as it is illegal and loan sharks  have unreasonably high interest. If one could not pay back, the loan sharks   will harass them and even hurt them to get the money back. Goh should never lend money from the loan sharks even if the offer is very tempting, Goh should work for longer hours if she needed money but not lending money from illegal association. There are many people who are poor but very few of them did what Goh had done but they still get financial help from government or donations. Unlike Goh, who borrowed money from illegal loan sharks and ended up suffering in depression.

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  1. I agree with you that Goh should not borrow money from the loan sharks despite how desperate she is in need of money. Before she borrow money from them, she should at least think of the consequences that come with this will to have quick money. An example will be her getting depression. Should her mother not shout for help when Goh wanted to push her down, a life will be taken away by now. I believe that after Goh recovered from depression, she will be affected by the fact that she killed her mother and become mentally unstable again. Now she have to think of ways to mend their mother and daughter relationship after that incident. One problem can lead to another and this is a good example to show that we should think before making decisions as to not be regretful in the future.