Thursday, 19 February 2015

Joyce 11

When Mr Pang Wei Ling moved into his four-room flat 13 years ago, his Chinese New Year decorations consisted of simple wall hangings and paper couplets. Now he displays ornaments, a 2m-tall water feature and decorations stretching 30m from the door of his flat at Canberra Link in Sembawang to the lift landing. He added: "When my non-Chinese neighbours complimented my work, I started increasing the decorations." Madam Sofiah Afandi, 47, who lives next door, said: "You don't have to be of the same race to enjoy the same celebrations." Mr Maloney Rodriguez Malelang, 41, a Filipino neighbour, said: "When they share their holidays with us, it makes me want to celebrate mine with them."

I think that we should all learn from mr pang, decorating the doorway with Chinese lanterns and twinkling lights so as to aid into the Chinese New Year festival mood. We should all celebrate fetivals together with our neighbors regardless of our races. This can help to build closer relationship with our neighbors. This can also help spread the happy mood to our neighbors and they can lead a happier lifestyle during Chinese new year. We can also make some delicious food and offer them to our neighbors so that we can get closer with one another and develop a better relationship, resulting in a more convenient future between us.

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  1. More should be written on the portion about why do you think we should learn from Mr Pang. Elaboration is needed on how the decorations can "aid the Chinese New Year Festival mood"