Saturday, 14 February 2015

Yeoh Zi Jun(36) 2H

The article I am discussing about today is that there have been a person who have been diagnosed with Middle East respiratory syndrome( Mers) in Manila,Philipines. Although there have been several cases in which filipinos have died because of the deadly strain of virus overseas,this is the first time there have been a person who have been diagnosed positive of the virus in the own country itself. Even though it has been stressed that people who boarded the same plane as her have a low chance of having the symptom, they must still be closely monitored for the virus. So far, there have been 356 people who have lost the fight with the virus and passed away. The writer repeatedly stresses the potent of the virus and how deadly it is, which goes to show that the writer is very wary of the virus, even though the person who has contracted the virus is in Philipines and is being closely monitored, the writer is still very wary. I agree with the writer's point of view because the virus has killed many people and will continue to kill people unless there has been an efficient cure to it and we are more wary of our surrounding. If this was to happen in Singapore, I feel that Singapore may start to panic because Singapore is a very small and congested place and so the chance of contracting the virus is very high. I also feel that Singapore will take extreme safety measures to prevent the virus from spreading. See more at:.

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  1. I agree with you that the writer is very wary about the virus since it can clearly be shown from the high death rates. However I do not fully agree about the part about Singapore panicking if this was to happen here. I personally feel that Singapore has taken enough measures to prevent these. An example may be the health screening that is constantly being done at Changi Airport to check if there are any people at risk of such viruses. Even if it was to happen, I am sure Singapore would have taken enough measures and trainings to know what to do immediately and stop the virus from spreading.