Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Yong Jie Ning (22) 25 Feb 2015

Dry whether to persist till March, says NEA
Published on: 25 Feb

The issue discussed here is that this Feburary has been relatively dry and expected to persist till March. It is a good month for outdoor activities but the grass in parks are getting brown and dying due to the lack of natural water.  However, this still does not beat last year's dry spell also during the Feburary period where there was only 0.2 mm of rain. This month's drier weather is still not considered a dry spell since there was still occassional rain at some days of the month and there was around 13mm to 107mm The reason of this month's drier period is because Singapore is currently in the dry phase of the Northeast monsoon season, therefore the dry season is expected to stretch till March since the Northeast monsoon is forecast to prevail over the season. Our neighboring country is also expected to have low rainfall and increase temperature through March until early April.

I do agree with the spokesman of NEA that recently this month is getting drier. I realised that every Chinese New Year over the past few years have been a rainy one except for this year. Although it has not been raining much over the past week but I believe there is still enough water to use for the country since we have not yet entered the dry spell which is very fortunate for us. Very unfortunately, our neighboring country, Malaysia is going to experience a worser weather than us, not only are they going to have low rainfall, it is also expected to have a rise in temperature until early April. There is a huge population in Malaysia and if the resouviors and water bodies dry up, there may be a risk of water shortage and I hope it will not happen. This may be because of climate change and increase rate of global warming. We should do our part to be environment friendly and keep our world healthy and try to prevent harming the environment so that we will not experience bad weather change. 

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  1. i agree with you that we should all play a part in keeping our environment healthy and make the world a better place because we are the ones in charge of our future. we are the ones creating the paths for our upcoming generations, and if we do not take the effort to make our future a happier and healthier place, no one will. thus, i find that we should all work together to do our best in protecting our earth, from simply disposing garbage into trash bins to creating nature reseves to protect our forests and animals. no matter how big or small our actions are, as long as we all do our part in protecting our world, our furture generations would live in a healthier place.