Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Zhou Wei 24 Husband's kidney gives her life and 'a triple miracle'

This issue discussed is how Ms Suriyati Saidi was diagnosed with moderate stage kidney failure at 25 and 4 years later her kidneys were no longer functioning and have to wait for eight years to get a donor. Very few patients with kidney failure can have children while on her dialysis thus her husband, Mr Rahmat Mohamad, donated her his kidney to let her have a chance she crave to complete the family. They even managed to finally have three children instead of one child despite of possible complications. There are also other cases of such transplant.
The general observations made is all the patients mentioned have their kidneys donated by their family members like wife or husband to recover their health and also let them do what they have wanted. The writer approached this issue by saying out what background of the patients and who donated their kidney to them and the miracle created because of it. The writer however did not specify his or her point of view. I feel very touched by the news as it takes a lot of courage to give up on your perfect health for someone else whether it is your family members. The people who donated their organs also still have quite a long way to go in the future thus donating their organs means that they will have be in hospital and spent hours to dialysis their blood which is very tiring as you cannot sleep but you will feel very tired. They will also feel and get the impact for imperfect health and be restricted to some things. However, their love for their family members which even surpass the drop of their perfect health by donating their organ for their family to let them be healthier is very admirable as I don't think everyone is able to be like them. I think that I would not do the same as the consequences is too big for me even if it is for my family and I also feel that most people won't do the same as they also want to be healthy. The article and news that we normally know is people needing organ and their family trying to get one but what we come across less is people who will not die soon, their family willing to donate their organs for them. Rather than waiting for one and complaining about the long queue for it, would it not be even more admirable if their family donate theirs for them?

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  1. I agree with Zhou Wei's point that it takes a lot of courage to give up on your perfect health for someone else, regardless of whether it is for a family member,close friend or stranger. I feel that it is because it is as if you are sacrificing a part or parts of your body for someone else, and getting bad side effects and restrictions to certain things, such as the type of food allowed to eat, or activities that we like to do. I think everyone wants to have a complete body and not an incomplete one with bad effects and restrictions, so not many people would want to donate their organs to other people. Of course, when a person loves his or her family, he or she will be willing to donate the organs after many considerations or when there are no available donors.