Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Zhou Wei 24

Article Name: Abducted albino baby boy found dead with limbs severed in Tanzania: Police 
Overall Information: A screenshot from an online United Nations report on albinos in Tanzania. More than 70 albinos, who lack pigment in their skin, hair and eyes, have been murdered in the east African nation in the past decade, according to UN figures, many hacked to death and body parts removed to make charms and spells that witch doctors claim bring good luck and wealth.

I feel that the people should not cut off the limbs of albino people as they are still the same kind and race of people as them. The albinos is only humans who lack pigment in their skin, hair and eyes but is still of the same race, the human race, as the other people who does not lack pigment. The albinos still have a pair of eyes, a nose a mouth, a pair of ear and four limbs that have probably been cut off now. The belief of albino people limbs can bring good luck and wealth is only a non-scientific proven which is really very unfair for albino people as you can have your loved ones being taken away like animals and cut away their  body parts that rightfully belong to them which could kill or disable them when there is nothing to prove the belief. They are being hunted down because of nothing. The witch doctor is, in my opinion, really stubborn as I believe that even after having the limbs of your fellow human, I bet that there is no wealth or luck happening to them but they refused to face the fact that it is just a mere unproven belief  and believed in it even though it is not real. It is also almost like an obsession of it. Even if it is true it is still cruel and inhuman to just forcefully take away their body parts for your own advantage, everybody should be treated equally. They have just harmed one of them to get better. I think the government can probably have people that are specially trained to go and protect the albinos from the People that hunt them which will increase their survival rate and lower their chance of being attacked. What is in the limb of the albino is still flesh and blood nothing new and nothing less. In Singapore there is no such a thing as albino hunting as the people did not believe in it and I hope that there will be no such a thing even in the future as it is just morally not right.

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  1. I agree with Zhou Wei's point that people should not cut off the limbs of albino people just because there is a belief that it brings good luck and wealth. After all, although they lack pigment in skin, hair and eyes, it does not make them different from others as after all, they are still human, of the same species as all of us. Whether beliefs are true or false, it should not be based on torturing a human or killing a human, just so that a person can get benefits, such as good luck or wealth. Cutting limbs off albinos in an inhuman act, especially when a person of the same species as them is doing that to them. Measures can be taken to prevent these acts, so that the albino population will not dwindle or the albino people will not be tortured by people who are involved in black magic or just want benefits for themselves. This is so we can bring justice to the albinos and stop all these practices.