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ng tat kit 33

This article is about the parents of children taking their exams climbing the school wall and up the school building to pass their children answers to an ongoing exam. the Indian state of Bihar is where this strange but true episode happened. At least 750 students have been expelled in the ensuing scandal once pictures and videos of the parents went viral. this is as the examinations held by the state of Bihar are viewed as make or break tests which can change the lives of the ones taking them. thus, cheating is rampant. i feel that even though these exams may be vastly important to the poorer students, who view them as a way of escaping the cycle of poverty however, they still should not cheat as even if the pass with flying colors after having cheated, when they go to a good school that is deserving of one who actually studied hard to enter, they find that they are unable to keep up and drop out, continuing the cycle of poverty as they take menial or low paying jobs to survive. Also, cheating is wrong in any form as it is dishonest to those who actually take the time and effort to study hard.i also feel that the invigilators should not turn a blind eye to this situation as even though they may take pity on those children who are trying to cheat and let them off, they are not helping,the child but harming him as they allow the aforementioned situation to happen. even if the children who do not cheat get low marks and only get into a average or below average school, they will still receive a better education than if they had cheated as the content there ill be more suited to them than the content in above average schools. Als, i feel that the parents are also doing the kids a disservice due to the same reasons. the national education board should enforce stricter measures such as imposing stricter regulations on bringing handphone in class and not allowing the parents near the school. furthermore, this is not the only time this has happened.A similar incident also occurred during 2013. thus, i feel that the board of education should do something about these incidents of cheating.

Jeremy Tay(35)

  I am very touched after reading this news as now i know there are many kind people in Singapore. I am sure that we are all sad with the passing of Mr Lee and many have gone to the parliament house to pay respects, however with the queue so long, some even have to wait for 8 hours. In this news, it is stated that many kind souls around had offered help to these people queueing, one even said "it wasn't about the money", which i find very true. Kindness need not be repaid,  these people provided food and water so that people queueing will have more energy and feel more comfortable queuing. We have to proactive and help others in any ways possible and aer this incident, I feel that Singapore has become more bonded too. Thus, i feel touched after reading this news.

Jing Jing (23)

Source :

A Thai model, Ms Duangjai Phichutamphon, posted a video online. In the video, she was seen being pushed around by a throng of Chinese tourists that rushed over to a tax refund counter. She claimed that they were cutting queue, pushing each other to get to the front of the counter and other rude behaviors, criticising the Chinese. After this video went viral, she received hundreds of offensive posts made to her Facebook page and most of them were accusing her of being transgender "ladyboy" and insulting Thailand by saying it is a poor and degenerate country.  

I do not agree with the way the Thai Model expresses her opinion and how the public retaliate. I respect that Ms Duangjai has her own opinion regarding this issue but after all, social media is a public place and she should be more mindful of the way she expressed her view.  However, i also do not support the public's retaliation. I understand that they are enraged by Ms Duangjai's tackless remarks, but by insulting her online, they are just proving to act like Ms Duangjai, which was the precise reason why they were upset with. To also drag the country into this matter, I believe, is overboard as this issue started with Ms Duangjai and they have no reason to insult Thailand, saying it is poor and other nasty remarks.

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Yeoh Zi jun (36)

The article I am discussing about is that people give out umbrellas,food and water to other people queuing up under the sun to pay their last respects to our founding father,Mr Lee Kuan Yew. As we all know, queuing up to pay the last respects to Mr Lee was a very tiring job with people queuing up for up to eight hours. The good Samaritans who gave out umbrellas,food and water to those people,wanted to give them some respites from the hot sun. When I read about this incident,I was deeply moved by their gestures of kindness. They thought it a small gesture of kindness but I believe that these small gestures made a huge impact on the people queuing up. They were really nice, saying that they did not helped those people for publicity. Through this incident, it has united us Singaporeans together. This clearly showed that Singapore is a unified country and strengthened us together. This also showed to me that Mr Lee was a very respectable person. Many people were willing to stand under the hot sun just to pay their last respects to him. In the process, so many random acts of kindness was shown. Even though i am deeply saddened by the passing of our fore-father Mr Lee, I am also really happy that Singapore has come together in this event and become United.


Matthew (34)

Article: Apple's Tim Cook to donate his wealth


The issue being discussed here is that Apple chief executive Tim Cook is planning to give away all his wealth, which has an estimated value of US$785 million (S$1.1 billion).  Tim Cook wishes to make a difference with this amount of money, and said that he is trying to develop a more "systematic approach" to philanthropy that goes beyond writing cheques. Tim Cook has already started donating to unspecified causes quietly, which I find is a significant difference to other philanthropists that publicly announces their generous donations through media and press conferences.

The writer did not state his views regarding this matter, however personally I feel that Tim Cook's way of donating to the needy is unique as he did not specify where his wealth is going to be donated to. His acts of charity does not harbour any desire for attention. His sincerity in making these donations can be seen as he did not hold conferences nor use the media to tell the public of his donations. Should he have done so, he would have only wanted to advertise himself and portray himself as a "philanthropist". Tim Cook made a quote on sparking change, that he "wants to be the pebble in the pond that creates the ripples for change". His generosity is inspirational and is something that everybody should learn. To help the needy, and not hanker for attention nor to have his kindness repayed, that is no doubt the mark of a sincere philanthropist. 

 If this happened in Singapore, it would have left a great impact on our country. Although Singapore is relatively financially stable, there are also people who require financial help in our society. It would definitely be beneficial to the needy, as that sum of money can aid many people in different ways. Tim Cook also shows us the importance of charitable individuals, with philanthropists like him in our society, financial burdens of people are often lifted off them. If not for the charity of these wealthy individuals in our society, needy Singaporeans might be suffering from financial discomfort, while wealthy people are enjoying their lives in a luxurious way. It would bring an increase in difference of wealth between the rich and the poor. 

Friday, 27 March 2015

Chuan Han Wei(26)

Massive crowds mourn Mr Lee. 
Many mourners turned up to pay their last respects to the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew. Mourners threw flowers, clapped and shouted goodbye as the gun carriage bearing his body of Mr Lee Kuan Yew left the parliament  house on Wednesday. Many from schoolchildren, seniors, disabled to foreigners. I am really saddened for his passing. He is a great man that contributed so much to building Singapore from a third world country to a first in just a span of 50 years. He is a man with actions. He does what he promises and do the impossible. Some people said that Singapore wouldn't survive, but he persevered and prove them wrong. School students have such a great education system because of Mr Lee Kuan Yew. Singapore had nothing but 2 million people in that time. Mr Lee believe that our only asset was our people. He felt that education was the core of building a successful nation. Many Singaporeans saw his efforts in building Singapore, so massive crowds turned up to pay their last respects to him. May you rest in peace, Mr Lee Kuan Yew. 

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Yong Jie Ning (22) 25 March 2015

Drunken man slapped Cabby and tried to strangle him

Source: Straits Time App 
Published on: 25 March 2015 

The issue discussed here is that a drunken man, a Norwegian national slapped a Cabby and chased him twice trying to strangle him when he was rejected as the cabby needed to use the wash room and will not be taking any more customers. This upsets the drunken man and attacked the cabby. Fortunately, two by standers came and stopped the commotion, saving the Cabby's life who was sent to the hospital and only suffered superficial injuries. Although the drunken man's lawyer said that he did it in a fit of anger, the judge disagrees as he chased the cabby twice in order to strangle him, instead of only once. 

The writer did not have any opinions to the news but he did mentioned that the Deputy Pubilc Prosecutor said that the cabby, Mr Chan is a public transport worker and has his rights to work in a save enviornment. I agree with him as I think that workers have their rights and we as passengers and members of the public should respect them since they are serving us and we should appreciate their service to the community instead of flaring at them when they don't meet our standards. We would also want others to respect us so we should also respect others, especially our elders. 

Luo Tianhong 32 current affairs

Indian toddler sets national archery record

This article is about an Indian toddler who set a new record as the youngest person to score two hundred point over five and seven meters distances. She has been trained from young to be an archer, since her father runs an archery academy, and was groomed to be an archery champion.

I feel that what the toddler accomplished is amazing, but I can't help feeling a little worried about the toddler having to train to be an professional athlete at such a young age. In the article, her parents aid that she was groomed from youth, and I understand her parents want her to be successful, but she should choose her own path. What if she doesn't like archery? I know that professional athletes train at a young age, but it is a huge commitment, and would take her entire life, and even then, she may not succeed. I think that this type of actions is dangerous, as in this case, the girl has the talent, but what if a child does not have that talent? To become an athlete, hardwork is not enough. So, this type of actions can cause servere damage to the child's future. What I think is especially scary is that this way, the parents robbed the child's childhood away from the child. She can never play carefreely in the fields, but would have to train day and night for archery. I worry that she would come to dislike archery when she grows up, as then, she only knows archery, and thus would not think of not becoming an archer, but as she grows up and becomes exposed to new things, she may lose interest as she would naturally like the new things more. I think that the parents is playing a huge gamble on the child's future, making the assumption that the child is talented, would like archery, and would be able to devote every bit of her time to archery, and face minuscule odds of being the one out of the millions of people to succeed. I think that the parents should let the child develop, and expose the child to a wide variety of hobbies. Since the parent run an archery academy, the child would be naturally exposed to archery, and the difference is that the child would have the freedom of choice, she can choose what to do with her life. Starting training at 6-8 is perfectly fine, and would give the parents time to observe the child, and judge for themselves whether she can fulfill the demanding requirements of being an athlete, and decide with the child together. In this way, it would be much safer, and ensure much more options for the child. Furthermore, the child can expereince what a childhood would be like. I think that this is very important, because if she devotes her time to archery, she would not interact a lot with children from her age, and thus would not have any friends, and be lonely. I'm sure we teenagers, especially adults remember their childhood as one of their happiest times, why rob the child of that? A childhood gives the child its character, and I think that we should always blow on that spark from our childhood. That memory from our childhood lets us learn a lot off things, and make us become a human being, while the child without the childhood will become a robot. What do I mean? A childhood lets us explore, and learn. We may not be without accidents, but it would be worth it. In my family, my uncles childhood exploits were legendary. He once slid down from the railings of his house stairs, and fell, requiring stitches, and he also caused a lot of trouble for my grand parents because of his mischief. How ever, he is now a successful manager, and takes care of my grand parents. I think that everyone should have a childhood, because it's when we form our character. Studies have shown that a child's character forms around 3 years old, and I think a proper childhood with enough freedom is essential for a good character formation. It's when they explore, and have fun, and interact with other children where they learn how to interact with others, and what is right and what is wrong. Even though they may cause a lot of mischief, it is not necessary bad. Like in to kill a mockingbird, Jem and scout had their share of mischief with the radley place, and form there they grew up, and became good people. However, the child in the news would know nothing but archery, and because she would need to devote all her time, she would not have freedom, and would not have a proper childhood. She would become some thing like an robot, not knowing how to interact with others, not able to grow like any normal child. In summary, I want to say that in this current society, parents place so much emphasis on successful, and start out a planning from young, and so our childhood becomes less and less free. I want to shout out for all those children, and say to their parents, our childhood is precious, please preserve our childhood!

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Lim Jak Zeng (31) 2H 25/3/2015

Article:Talk pulls buns commemorating Mr Lee Kuan Yew off shelves after receiving flak
Written By: Jalelah Abu Baker
Published On: 25th March 2015

This artcle is about the recent sales of the company Breadtalk of a bun that was meant to commemorate Mr Lee Kuan Yew, our late founding father of Singapore and it was criticised by members of the public as "insensitive" and "disrespectful". The bakery chain on Wednesday started selling the buns called "Lee bu kai ni", loosely translated as "Can't bear to leave you", playing on Mr Lee's surname in Mandarin. The company has already decided that it would stop the sale of the buns, as "it took the public opinion very seriously". 

I do feel that during the week of mourning of our late founding father of Singapore, this type of way in memory of him is definitely not suitable. The idea lf the bun is not right because, how can one eat a bun that should commemorate a great man when kne still has to eat it at the price of $2, where he or she could have easily went to macdonalds to buy a mac chicken? It seemed as if Breadtalk is actually trying to seize the opportunity to actually gain profits by selling new buns to attract people to buy them , when it is suppose to be a period where people are mourning over the death of our great leader, Mr Lee Kuan Yew. Also, the idea about eating something that was suppose to commemorate Mr Lee is already unsuitable because it has no significant meaning in it and the sight of doing so is inappropriate. Thus, I do feel that if any company really wants to honour this great man that has contributed his whole life to the progress and growth of Singapore, they should come up with ideas that involved more thought and is meaningful and respectful. Because without Mr Lee's leadership, I'm very sure Breadtalk would actually be such a famous bread company today. It is good that the company has stopped the sale and apologised, but I still feel that they should be more mindful and thoughtful in the future, thinkng if any designs or names they give to their buns actually serve a purpose of letting people feel satisfied, or offended, especially when this is a time when most of us are still in a nations process or mourning over a man that build Singapore from scratch. One good and meaningful way is to allow members of the public to donate some money to the charity when they buy bread from stalls all across Simgapore, because it was always Mr Lee's dream to make sure that everyone in Singapore will have the priviledge to enjoy what a usual Singaporean would by supporting the needy as a nation.

Zhou Wei (24)

General Information -

SINGAPORE - The person who is suspected of having posted a fake announcement on the supposed death of former prime minister Lee Kuan Yew on Wednesday is a male Singaporean student, below 16 years of age. He is now assisting the police with investigations, said a statement from the Singapore Police Force on Friday. On March 18 at about 10.10pm, the police were alerted to multiple messages that were being circulated regarding a screenshot photograph of a statement purportedly from the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) website, said the statement.

I feel that the male Singaporean student should not post a fake announcement of the death of Mr Lee Kuan Yew, even if he meant for it to be a joke. The death of anyone is a very serious matter and it should not be faked, especially the death of an important public figure such as Mr Lee. He have violated a few laws as he have just imposed as a Singapore official and giving out false details of Mr Lee's death, misused of computer and cybersecurity act. Mr Lee have contributed much to Singapore and his death should not be used as a prank or joke or even a bet or guess for other people. Instead, they should appreciate him and respect him and his death and think that it is just a thing to kid around or deceive others. The male student is being disrespectful to Mr Lee. The boy should also not deceive and lie to others as the death of Mr Lee is of great concern to us. I feel that people should also check whether the information they see online is true or not and not blindly believe and follow what was uploaded. People should first check and examine it then determine whether it is true or not. 

Wei Ze Yu (21)

Article: Parents in India's Bihar state arrested for helping students cheat in exams
Date of publishing: 22 March 2015

  This article is about parents in Bihar state helping their children to cheat. Parents climbed up the school building and passed the answer sheets to their children. At least 750 students have being expelled for the cheating scandal. About 300 people, mostly parents, have been arrested in the Indian state of Bihar.
  At first, I was amused when I see this article as the parents climbed on the school building just to help their children to cheat, then I was astonished as I cannot imaging what kind of parents would help their children to cheat in a test. However, when I read the article carefully, I understood why is this happening. India is not a wealthy country, most people live in poverty. Exam held by the Bihar School Examination Board are viewed as a make-or-break that could transform the lives of millions growing up in poverty. I felt lucky for myself to be in Singapore as there are many chances in Singapore. The government will also give help to the families who are poor.
  It is also not quite possible to cheat during test in Singapore as the examination rules are extremely strict. It is impossible for parents to help their children to cheat and all electronic devices must be kept away from the student. There would be invigilators invigilating during the whole exam period and once one is caught cheated during exam. The consequences would be dire. If that was an A level exam, the student will not be allowed to take the exam for the next few years and there will be a record.

Monday, 23 March 2015


SINGAPORE - As former prime minister Lee Kuan Yew remains critically ill at the Singapore General Hospital, Singaporeans have become increasingly anxious for news about his condition. On Thursday, however, there was an outrage among many, over the flurry of rumours and hoaxes that flew via smartphones and social media on Wednesday night announcing that he had died. Some seasoned grassroots leaders were among those taken in by a fake announcement purportedly from the website of the Prime Minister's Office, and some foreign media went ahead to report the misinformation, only to correct the news after the PMO made clear that it was fake. Tanjong Pagar GRC grassroots leader Roy Yeo told The Straits Times: "Some of us got duped seeing the image passed around, trusting that once you see a certain website it is genuine."

I personally feel that one should not make fun of Mr Lee Kuan Yew as he's the founder of Singapore and should be highly regarded and respected. He's just like the father of all Singaporeans, protecting us from all sorts of difficulties and provide us with a comfortable living. Even if one is not Singaporean, he should not make up stories saying that Mr Lee has passed away just because he's seriously ill as it is really disrespectful to say that one has died when he has not. One, when down with severe illness, does not mean that he confirm will die soon. He may pull through it and recover so one should not spread rumors saying he's dead. Moreover, he is of a higher social status than us and should be respected by us. We should be polite and show concern by writing greeting cards to the warded man instead of spreading rumors saying that he's dead and cause people to believe in untrue information. Such behavior is really rude and disapproving and should not be tolerated. Actions should be taken and one should be charged with fines. Foreign media should also be more careful of what is reported. They should not put up news that have not been proved to be real as official statement has not been given. If they gave out wrong information, some citizens may believe in the false information and starts to spread, causing others who knew the truth to rage at them as it is a form of disrespect, resulting in uproar on social media. Citizens may also be in a confused state as they do not know who to believe in. Thus, I think that one should not spread rumors that aren't real and information put up should be true to avoid confuse among people.

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Ding Hong Yi 5

News: Flags across Singapore fly at half-mast as mark of respect for Mr Lee Kuan Yew 

This article consists of pictures taken in Singapore, from schools to community clubs to the parliament house. It really shows how sad we are that Mr Lee has passed away. It is also a sad thing that Mr Lee is unable to come and attending the 50th birthday of Singapore. Mr Lee made Singapore into a prosperous tiny red dot, made us into a first world country from a first world country in 50 years. He is a really great leader, and he dedicated his life to building Singapore. This article may not seem like an article, but I feel that it shows that we care for Mr Lee and hope that his teaching will be able to be passed down generations and generations and make Singapore a better country than before.

Jan Hoe (8)

SINGAPORE - The father of an infamously rude taxi passenger has admitted that his son was in the wrong and has shared his hopes that the public will let him and his son off.
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This news article is about a son who rudely insulted a taxi driver. The video of him went viral and people started to give informations of him online. The father of the rude son then apologized, saying that if a son makes a mistake, the father it is to blame. 

I feel that the son should not have even done such a rash thing if he knows that he is going to regret it. He should keep his anger and not throw his temper on a taxi driver. Also, I think that the people should not have leaked out his personal information such as his address. This may cause him harm and even though he should be punished, he shouldn't be punished this way. I think that the correct way is to just let him send an apology letter to the taxi driver. This also caused me to think how scary the Internet is. Once the video was uploaded, it went viral and because of that, many people started harassing him. This incident taught me that I should be careful of whatever I post on the Internet and make sure that what I post would not harm another person before posting.

Tong Yizhi (20)

Article: parents arrested for helping students cheat in exam.
Date of article: 22 March 2015

Issue being discussed: Parents of the students taking test for Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB) was helping their children to cheat. It was discovered and thousands of students were disqualified for cheating. Bihar's education minister P. K. Shahi refused to accept any blame for the cheating. He stated that it is impossible to stop the parents if they do no wish to cooperate. But what is most important is this is not the first time such things has happened.
In the article, Bihar's education minister P.K. Shahi was quoted as saying: "It is not possible to fully stop cheating during exams or hold exams where students don't go for unfair means." and he refused to take blame for the cheating. I disagree with him by saying it is not possible. I think he should be partly blamed for the cheating. As stated in the article, this is not the first time so something like this should have happened before. If so, he should have thought of a solution for this instead of just leave it as it is and say it is not possible to prevent the parents from helping their children to cheat. I think it is possible to hold exams where students cannot go for unfair means. If he put in more invigilators for the exams, have more pairs of eyes watching the students, then whoever is cheating would be immediately found out. Thus I think it is possible to prevent cheatings and disagree with him.
Relate to Singapore: In Singapore, it is very hard for students to cheat in exams. It will be even harder for national exams such as PSLE, A levels and O levels. The place that the exams are being held at is tightly "guarded" by invigilators. Furthermore, before any tests or exams start, students have to put their bags and electronic gadgets out of reach, somewhere far like outside the examination area. Thus, it will be rare for students found cheating as it is almost impossible for them to cheat.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Jeslyn Teo (10) 2H

Date Of Article : 22 March 2015

Article :

Title : President Tony Tan 'deeply concerned' about condition of Mr Lee Kuan Yew

Summary : Ex-Prime Minister Mr Lee Kuan Yew is having terminal cancer, and is currently ill in hospital, his condition worsening further.

Response : I'm very worried for Mr Lee Kuan Yew. After all, his one of the nations' founding fathers and all of us wouldn't be here having racial equality and be living in peace wasn't it for him. Mr Lee was the one who put in sweat and hardwork to make Singapore a better nation. Having heard about this condition is very saddening for fellow Singaporeans at his ruling generation or even his descendant's generation.

Calyn Seah (2)

Issue being discussed: Rats at Bukit Batok are killed and now the hill is finally rat free.
General observations about issue discussed: I think that the people throwing food to the dogs are really selfish and inconsiderate. There are severe consequences of their actions like having more rats breeding which is quite dangerous as there are many houses beside the hill. 
How the writer approaches this issue: The writer said that cameras were built in to catch the people throwing food to the dogs there and this shows that measures are certainly taken.
Relating to singapore context: As I live in Bukit Batok, the rat issue concerns me as well. I'm glad NEA finally took some action to kill the rats as it was quite disturbing to know that there are over hundreds of rats breeding because of inconsiderate people who keep throwing food to the dogs at the hill, inviting rats to breed more and more.

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Audrey Yeo (01)

 Summary: more than 230 rats were killed in a hill at Bukit Batok and was declared rat free in January 2015. Previously, the residents of Bukit Batok had suffered rat horror days but with 30 pest controllers involved in this rat clearing operation, the area was rat free in just 3 weeks.

 I feel that the National Environment Agency (NEA) and all the other pest controllers had did a very good job in clearing away the rodents. They worked an average of 15 hours a day and due to their speedy labor, Bukit Batok residents are saved from rat horror days. It is stated that they are still monitoring the area frequently for rat activities. In my opinion, the increase in rat population is because we residents are always feeding the stray cats and dogs food and these food are left behind which will attract many pests like the rats. Rats gives births to hundreds of babies in a very short period of time and thus increased the population rapidly. We should not feed these stray animals as they are able to fend for themselves. Moreover, rats thrive in unsanitary conditions and are well known to be agents of illnesses. In order for us not to encounter anymore rat horror days, we should play our part and keep our environment clean

Genevieve Lim (6)

Haze clouds Singapore as a 3-hour PSI crosses 100 into unhealthy range
On Friday, 20 March, the three-hour Pollution Standards Index (PSI) was 65 at around 8am, and it peaked at 106 at 6pm, in the unhealthy range. The National Environmental Agency (NEA) said the haziness is likely due to an accumulation of increased particulate matter in the atmosphere under light wind conditions throughout the day. Burning activities in the Northern ASEAN region, Peninsular Malaysia and Sumatra could have contributed to the increased concentration of particulate matter.
NEA advised that reducing outdoor activities and physical exertion can help limit the ill effects from haze exposure, but air quality is safe enough for people to continue with normal activities.

Although the PSI has reached the unhealthy range for only a few hours, we should still take caution when we go outdoors, especially when we are doing physical activities. If we have difficulty breathing, we should stop all physical activities immediately and go indoors or wear a face mask, especially people who have asthma, are children or the elderly.
The haziness is due to an accumulation of increased concentration of particulate matter due to burning activities. I feel that the burning activities are contributing even more air pollution to Singapore and other countries as the country itself is already being polluted such as by carbon emission from land vehicles. Some farmers still use the slash and burn technique to clear the land for traditional agriculture. Although it is the cheapest and easiest method of clearing land, it is illegal. Governments of countries with farmers who still use the slash and burn technique have been fined as an effort stop curb further air pollution. I also think that the countries which have burning activities have to be more considerate to other neighboring countries as the haze from the fire will travel to the other countries, endangering people's health. They should also spare a thought for the environment. When we burn something, there is carbon emission, which leads to more greenhouse gases causing climate change. If they really need to burn to clear their land, the government should limit the area of land that can be used for burning.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Lim Xin Yi ( 15 )

Link to news article :

       This article basically states that Singapore 2015 budget has been approved by our president, Doctor Tan. The budget states that the Government can withdraw up to $76.9 billion from the Consolidated Fund and $30.8 from the Development Fund. 
        I think that the Singapore Budget is very important as it affects the entire nation ,  regardless of your age, gender and status. All are affected. The budget is the amount of money Singapore can spend this year. All this money will be used for projects such as road construction and subsidiaries plans. As a student, I think that this also affects me since the budget will affect the amount of money given to my school for school events. As President Mr. Tan has said, the budget is something that affects Singapore future. Although the budget is a yearly matter, it actually affects the well-being  and the situation of Singapore in the future and not just for the particular year. The budget also includes the cost needed for new programmes that would address the long - term needs of Singapore and its citizens. Although it would not be possible to satisfy everyone's needs, I hope that majority of the people will benefit from these programmes.
Therefore, I think that the budget is really something that the parliament gives much thought and effort in planning before finalising it. that the parliament gives much thought and effort in planning before finalising it .

Koh Yi Ling (12)

This article is about a funding scheme which helps the disabled to pay for devices for all uses and also used by the people who are in therapy and is not working. This funding was initially only for disabled students or workers to buy assistive technology devices, such as Braille typewriter for use at school or at workplace.
I feel that this funding scheme is very good as just this funding scheme can help the disabled by a lot in their lives to be more convenient. It is very hard for the disabled to find a job and have a stable income. Without this funding scheme, the disabled might not be able to buy the devices such as the Braille typewriter and might not have enough money for thier daily lives. I am sure that this funding scheme would help them a lot, and they would definitely appreciate having this funding scheme.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Eunice Chua (3)

Article discussed: Elderly in distress at home? Get an SMS alert

This article is about a system getting installed at home when elderly is alone and when the system sense that elderly has been inactive for a period of time, SMS will be sent to the user, guardian of the elderly and within 5 minutes, they will respond by calling home. The elderly also has a portable emergency button and should they fall down, they can press the button and as usual SMS will be sent to their guardian. 

I find that this system is very useful and guardians will be less worried about the elderly at home if they have this system installed now. At the same time, it will be appropriate for elderly to have portable emergency button with them and this system could have prevent many undesirable consequences. Many adults today have to work for a long period of time and have little to no time to take proper care of their parents. Those that can afford will be able to hire domestic helpers while those that cannot can only leave their parents at home. Therefore I think that this system introduced to elderly will be effective. Although some of them may think that this is invading their privacy, I find that there if more benefit if one decides to install this system in the house. 

Lee Xin Yi (13)

Article name: Track fault causes MRT delay between Yew Tee and Kranji 
Article link:
  This article is about the train delay of 15 minutes between Yew Tee and Kranji along the North South line today due to a track fault. All trains heading towards Marina Bay that have not pass Kranji were affected. Even though train services resumed after 15 minutes, trains only run normally at around 3.20pm.
  I think that SMRT and LRT companies should ensure that all power, tracks and trains are in proper working condition before starting any services as it is very inconvenient for commuters on board the services especially those who are in a rush. This is not the first time that there is such delay. The trains have delayed or breakdown many times in a few days. Even though there are compensation for the delays or breakdowns, I think that these kind of things should not happen again as no matter how much you can compensate the commuters, those commuters in a rush will still be late. Also, as one of the main public transports in Singapore, one short delay will affect many of the people. Thus, it is very important for trains to run normally in order to prevent any inconvenience for any commuters onboard and not troubling SBS transits to provide free services during the delays.

Ow Wen Xuan (18) 18/03

Current Affairs (4)

Link to article :
Article name : Elderly in distress at home? Get SMS alert
Published date : 18 March 2015

  This article is about the Smart Elderly Monitoring and Alert System that tracks living habits of the elderly at home and alerts their caregivers via text messages if anything irregular was to occur. It also comes with a portable panic button which can be pressed by the elderly to alert family members in time of distress. Majority out of the 12 households felt that it was effective and does not invade their privacy at the same time.

  As the writer did not express his point of view, I would talk about my point of view instead. Ms Doris Oo stated that she used to worry constantly when she was at work about her mother being alone at home, and with the new sensor system, things changed ands she does not need to worry as much anymore. I personally feel that this sensor system has many advantages as it not just has the ability to track the living habits of the elderlies, but also notify their caregivers on time. With these functions, the caregivers would not be able to focus more on their work instead of having to keep worrying about the elderlies' wellbeing while trying to get their work done. This would also reduce the caregivers stress level. Thus, I feel that there are numerous advantages to it and I support this system that is being used.

Ng Yi Jie (17)

3 things Singaporean parents should stop telling their kids now

The issue being discussed is what Singaporean parents should stop telling their kids, and how their words will affect the child's thinking and attitude.
The writer feels that Singaporean parents teaches their children in a way that "spoils" them, to look down on low-paid jobs, and to be motivated by money. I agree with her, as what the parents say changes the kids' attitude towards life.
Being taught that uneducated people will become road sweepers is wrong, as children will learn to underestimate the road sweepers or low-paid jobs, even if they are equally stupid. From young, children are taught that we need to be rich in order to be happy, which causes us to work like slaves, just to earn more money. Hence, making us feel miserable when we grow up. Parents comforting their children by telling them that they would deal with the teachers is utterly unacceptable. Children would take advantage of this, and cause more trouble in school, keeping in mind that their parents would forever be supporting them.
Thus, I agree that Singaporean parents should stop teaching their kids wrong values.

Ashley Loo (16)

The issue being discussed here is that an eight-month old Hei Hudie, is finally able to stand in all fours despite having to depend on a special walking aid- a set of wheels. It was told that it fell from the 17th floor of a building to its fifth floor, fracturing its lumbar bone. Four operations were needed in five months to remove its spleen, kidney and gland under the tongue as well as to repair its bladder, causing its hind legato be dysfunctional. It must also wear a nappy as it cannot clean itself without its hind legs. I observed that what this cat experienced was very unfortunate since it was injured and it needs a walking aid now. The good Samaritans who saved it were also very kind and helpful. Without them, Hei Hudie won't be here alive. We should really learn from them to help people, even when it's animals, in need. 

The writer didn't make a point of view but from my point of view, I think that Hei Hudie doesn't give up very easily. Having experienced this fatal accident, it was still brave to face four operations that has caused many uncomfort to it. It did not give up, it did not think negatively to its recovery. We all should learn from it. Also, I feel very happy for it to be living happily at a safe place, in Dr Cheng's office. I hope that it will continue to live happily and be safe! 

Leong Shi Hui Article Response 18/3/15

Article Title: Video of passenger scolding taxi driver goes viral
Article Link:

1. The issue being discussed is that the daughter of a taxi driver who was scolded by a passenger was uploaded on Facebook, spreading viral, attracting at least 300,000 views and thousands of comments by 15 March.

2. I totally agree with the point of view of the taxi driver's daughter that "Taxi uncles are not idiots, deaf or useless, they are someone's family. They are fathers who work 14 hours a day, seven days a week, even on public holidays, so people like me and my sis get an education." I also think that the passenger should not have scolded the taxi driver because the passenger's request was unreasonable. From the article, it can be seen that the passenger demanded to be at his destination, Telok Ayer MRT, station from Chai Chee in 16 minutes even though the duration of the journey is around 19 minutes. With jams and traffic lights, the journey will be longer but the passenger stills demanded it. I think that the passenger should be aware that this request is hard to be fulfilled and since he knows that he himself is going to be late, he should set off from home earlier or find other ways of transport. It is also not the taxi driver's fault to drive slowly since there at road regulations in Singapore and since the passenger is a grown adult, he should have known it too. In fact, taxi drivers work harder than an ordinary white-collar worker to get the same pay. Hence, I agree withe the point of view of the taxi driver's daughter.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Goh Ming Yee (7)

18th March 2015

This report is about a rude passenger scolding the taxi driver and the father of taxi driver on behalf of the passenger apologizing to the taxi driver. 

I feel that for such things to be occurring in this world is atrocious and inhumane. After watching the video between the taxi driver as well as the passenger, I feel that the passenger was being very inconsiderate, no selfish. I believe the reason he acted this way was due to his emotions, maybe he was having a bad day but that is still clearly unacceptable. Like what the video have said, these taxi drivers are a father of somebody's home, they are a father of somebody and the passenger is completely disregarding about that fact. I am sure that the passenger has suffered harassment by many people after the video was uploaded, but I feel that he deserves it. He should not be carried away by his feelings emotions and instead try to calm down. He obviously did not meet that requirement. I hope all the comments from people has taught him a good lesson not to behave this way again. He also has to learn that his current actions have affected his family members that his father actually has to apologize on behalf of him. The father is even afraid to step out of the house now due to the media. I really hope that he learns his lesson. 

Matthew (34)

Article: One dead, six injured as depressed student goes on knife rampage at college in China

The issue being discussed here is that one person has died and six were injured in a knife attack at a college in China on Thursday, blamed on a student suffering from depression. The student, whose family name was given as Wang, burst into a classroom in the south-western city of Kunming carrying a knife and stabbed the seven students, one of whom died. The writer stated that there have been a series of knife attacks over the past year in China that have unnerved the country, and by using the word 'unnerved' shows his shock and fear of the recent stabbing cases. I agree with the writer that these cases are unnerving as they bring about fear in our society as well. It is unpleasant and disturbing with the thought that one could be stabbed to death by a person on any other day. It is shocking how a student could lose control of his emotions to an extent of wielding a knife and harming people. Although I can sympathise with the fact that the culprit was in a state of depression, it is still wrong of him to go about college bringing harm and causing casualties among students. The student, whose life he took, could have been a student of distinction with a bright future. However because of this reckless yet fatal act done by the depressed student, this student with a bright future no longer has the chance to live well. If this incident took place in Singapore, it would strike fear in the hearts of many Singaporeans, especially students. Many students would be traumatized and be afraid to go to school, for fear of being harmed by their peers. This incident thus teaches us to think before we act to refrain from regretting our actions after we hurt someone. 

Monday, 16 March 2015

Current affairs post. Luo Tianhong 32

Sorry mrs woon for my late post, but I had problems with my strait times app.

Planned protest in support of father and son facing murder charges in Malaysia aborted

This article is talking about a man, chan, who had tried to rob the family, and slashed the arm of the wife, kuek. The father and son rushed too her help and knocked the robber to the ground with a pipe, and the robber died. The father and son was faced with murder charges, and there is a protest against it. The family is pleading not guilty to the murder charge, saying that he is still alive when they tied him up, and it was unclear how he died.

I feel that the family should be facing a murder charge. Yes, I think they should. First, let's look at this from the perspective of the law. Even though the man is robbing the family, he did not deserve to die. However, the man clearly died from his wounds, which means that the family is the cause of the victims death. When they pleaded not guilty to the murder, it is a flat out denial to the fact that they caused the death. In the article, it is said that the robber had already died when they went back home from the clinic. Which means that they are the murderers of the man.
However, they are acting in self defense. In theory, they should not be faced with murder. However, in this circumstance, I think it cannot stand. The wife has slash wounds on the arm. Even though the man has a knife, he did not meant to kill. This means that the family was not in danger of their lives. Thus, murder under this cannot be justified under self defense, as only when your life is in danger can you kill someone in self defense, if not it is murder.
Furthermore, they went to the clinic for fifteen minutes, neglecting the man who was obviously seriously injured. This means that his death was through negligence, and under the circumstance, his life could have been saved, but the family chooses not to call the ambulance, but just to send the wife to the clinic, neglecting the man lying there wounded. If they had sent him to the clinic together, or called the ambulance, his death could have been avoided.
What I have written above is to basically say that the family was not as blameless as one might think, and at the very least, the direct cause of the death of the man. Thus I think that the protest is wrong. They should be facing a murder charge as they did not act in self defense of their lives, and caused the death of a man.
I think that there are so many protests is that they think that the family is the victim, so they should not be punished. However, the failed to see it from the robbers point of view. What about the robbers family? Is it fair for them? Which parent would want to see their child dead? What more when the child did not deserve to die? The robber did not face a murder charge. He was also a victim. The family killed someone, and they must face the consequences. Even though it may seem unfair, but a persons life is sacred. And only when we as a society keep this ideal, even when it may seem unfair at times, can we still preserve our humanity. A death cannot be let of that easily.
Also, note that a murder charge does not equat to a death sentence. There is also a probability of them getting of on a lighter sentence, by pleading pardon for clemency, but they should be facing a murder charge.
In conclusion, I think that the family should be facing a murder charge. (In the present circumstances. If new facts come to light, it may change. Only based on this news article. My opinion only.)

chua xinyue (4) 16.3.15

issue being discussed : a nun was raped in india at a church and prayers were held there to pray for her recovery. 4 of the six attackers have been identified in the gang-rape that was carefully planned. they did not only create a rape-attack, they also stole many valuables and gagged a security guard, while destroying the church. this incident traumatized many citizens as the attackers did not only commit a heinous crime, but they also vandalised the chapel, which was the first time such a case occurred in india. 

writer's approach : the writer did not provide any opinions. however, personally, i find that this is a case that should be widely spread to warn people of the dangers that could be lurking around in the corners. everyone should be wary of their surroundings as if one does not watch their back, they could be traumatized for life. it pains me to know that there are people still around who would commit such a crime and even vandalise a religous property. they should not have done so as they are insulting and discriminating a religion that many respect deeply.

if it were to happen in singapore : if this case happened in singapore, im sure many important superiors would make the news well-known to let everyone know of the dangers happening. most of us would also take part in the prayers as singapore, after all, is a multi-racial and religious country and we would not stand to see such acts being portrayed.

Friday, 13 March 2015

Wei Zeyu (21)

  The topic being discussed is drink driver suspected jailed for lying his wife was at wheel. Christopher Chua Chun Kiat, 44, drove his car when he was drunk and lied that his wife was at the wheel. However, it was found that he was lying and only changed his seat with his wife after the offense and he was jailed for a week.

  I think that Christopher Chua should not have driven his car after drinking. I am sure that he knew that there are many dangers while driving when you are drunk. He was lucky that there were not any accidents, he had risked himself and others' lives by doing that. His wife should told him not to do so but she failed to, she should have drove the car since the begining but not changing seats half way since she was not drunk. They should not have lied that the wife is the one who was at the wheel. Instead, they should have owned up and accept the punishment that will be given to them. If they had owned up, Christopher Chua would not have being jailed for one week and the punishment would be lighter. This is an issue in Singapore, there are many inconsiderate drivers in our country, they risked their own and others' lives by looking at their phones while driving. However, Singapore has a law that bans the drivers to use phones, so now, there are fewer drivers doing so.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

ng tat kit 33

the issue being discussed here is a restraint secretary failed to renew the restaurant's  halal certificate and lied to her boss that it was under going processing and showed him a fake email. she also showed investigators fake certificates.
I feel vey strongly that she should not have done this as tis could have offended halal people who had eaten there as the food might not have been halal. for this act, she could have been fired from her job, and she only committed this crime as she wanted to get her boss off her back and so forged the certificate.
she may be jailed up to four years along with four strokes of the cane. this would be a relatively light punishment against the anger that the Halas will aim at her. this could disrupt Singapore's delicate balance of racial harmony and even cause violence such as the case in America where a restaurant  owner who had sold non halal food to halals was badly beaten up.
we should all respect each others religious beliefs not matter what our own beliefs may be, and in this way will Singapore be a truly multiracial country.

Lee Shao Min(29) MH370 the search for answers one year on

One year on, the family members of those on flight MH370,that vanished off the radar, still hold onto that one,last glimmer of hope. A hope that one day,just one day,they will walk through the front door of their houses again.The burden of not knowing what happen to their loved ones still haunt and torture them, to this day. The inability to obtain closure have made a bad impact on some of them, some even needing to seek help from psychiatrist. I feel that the Malaysian government is to blamed for this incident. I do not see the effort they claim they put in into finding the missing plane days after it vanished. The government was quoted saying that the MH370 incident was an "accident" and that all the passengers aboard are presumed dead. If you were to have such a mindset, you would not bother putting in effort to search for the plane. Imagine if your pet hamster were escape out of the cage and disappear without a trace,would you bother putting in a lot of effort to find your hamster if you presumed it was dead? I'm pretty sure the answer is no. Thus, I feel that the Malaysian Government could have put in more effort and that if they had done so maybe, just maybe, the plane could have been found earlier.

yeoh Zi jun (36) 2H

The topic I am discussing about today is that youth slashes another in fight on ITE campus. This news article is about a lunchtime brawl between 2 guys. They had been quarreling over a girl. They reportedly pushed each other around and were heard yelling profanities. The attacker then pushed and kicked him. Afterwards he fished out a large parang to hit the victim. Nobody attempted to stop the attacker because they did not dare to. The attacker was wielding 30 cm long parang which was extremely dangerous. In my personal opinion, I feel that the two teenagers are really stupid to be fighting a girl. Because of it, someone got injured. These people are teenagers. They are supposed to be very mature and not do stupid things like that, furthermore wielding something that is so dangerous. I felt really shocked after reading This article as I finally comprehend the true power of  being crazy in love. If I was there at the scene,I would not have dared to step up to break up the fight as it was really dangerous. I hope that such incidents would not repeat themselves in the future.

Chuan Han Wei (26)

Lui vows to to claw back confidence in rail system
What the article says about: Mr Lui, our transport minister was exceptionally disappointed with the train disruptions in recent weeks as train relaibilty seem to be improving and promises that train relaibilty will be better.  There were 5 train disruptions from23 February to 3 March.
What I feel: I personally experienced the train disruption on 3 March. It was a terrible experience. I had to queue for at least 30 mins to be able to get on the train and reached home at 9 pm. I feel that train relaibilty must be improved so as to ensure that commuters have a pleasant ride back home or to school. Frequent checks must be done to ensure that trains and railways lines are fully operational and functionable. In a short period of a week and more, having 5 train disruptions is really unacceptable. SMRT should really step up and improve their services and gain back the confidence in commuters. 
Having a good rail system that connects people the the heartlands of Singapore is not enough, I feel train relaibilty is more important than anything else. 

Chew Jing Heng (25)

Boy, 16, charged with taking bus for a joyride. 

A boy aged 16 was charged with taking a private bus for a joyride. He was underage and therefore did not have the licence to drive the bus. Luckily, he did not cause any accidents on the roads during the journey of 6 hours and a distance of 155km. 

Although there was no points of view made by the writer, there were some from netizens. In a Facebook post regarding this news, Hana Gaus commented that "He could have killed someone. Most probably, he had observed someone's driving skills and followed it." I agree with this comment. I think that it is wrong for the boy to commit such crimes. Driving a vehicle without a license is very dangerous as it may cause accidents on the roads. Innocent people may be hurt or even killed. This is perhaps one of the reasons why Singapore has stringent laws and there are many traffic police plying the roads nowadays to summon errant drivers.
In addition to that, drivers, as well as pedestrians, using the roads should exercise road safety. Every one has a part to keep the roads in Singapore safe.  Our lives are precious and we will not want accidents to happen on us. Simple tips such as checking the blind spots when turning for drivers and practising the kerb drill for pedestrians can avoid an accident and save lives.
In conclusion, the boy was wrong to drive without a proper license and every one should exercise road safety. 

Sarah Lim (19)

Title: More stalls remaining empty at coffee shops
Date of publish: 9 March 2015, Monday

[Issue being discussed] Increasingly, there has been more vacant stalls at coffee shops. With new tenants hard to come by, many owners have decided to operate some of these vacant stalls themselves in a bid to keep their businesses afloat.

There are 3 main reasons which led to such a worrying sight in coffee shops today. Insufficient manpower arises with growing competition in the food industry and heirs unwilling to take over family businesses. Rising costs of ingredients, gas and utilities add to the financial burden of stall owners. Lastly, youngsters (owners of restaurants and cafes)  make use of technology to conduct heavy advertising to attract customers or potential workers who lead more sophisticated and affluent lifestyles. In contrast, coffee shops can only rely on word of mouth.
The writer is trying to bring out a point that in the near future, we might not even be able to see coffee shops around Singapore. I feel extremely concerned as technological advances should not replace historical valuables of Singapore. It's common to see young people going to air-conditioned Coffee Bean or Starbucks to get a drink instead of hot and stuffy coffee shops. They are willing to forge more money for the comforting ambience in Starbucks rather than the noisy and stuffy coffee shops.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Guo Hongyi (28)


This article discusses about the new Changi Airport Terminal 5, which will be built in the future, focusing on passenger connectivity and convenience. I believe that the new T5 will be more convenient for travelers. The Changi Airport is used by many people traveling from countries all over the world, and with the addition of T5 which can hold a greater capacity than both T2 and T3 combined, it can be more easily accessible to people as T5 will also offer travelers with the shortest walking distances, shorter connection times for transfer flights and easy navigation in the building. People will then be more confident of the service of Changi Airport, hence they will enjoy their stay in Singapore and have a good impression of Singapore (if they are tourists from other countries). Hence, T5 will be a great addition to Singapore, and will also create better convenience to travellers.

Jeremy Tay (35)

  New article: Recent disruptions go against improvement in train services

  In this article, it is stated that due to the recent train breakdowns, the commuters are very dissatisfied . Before these breakdowns, there was a survey held by UNISIM and they found out that there was and improvement in people satisfied with public transport.

  I think that the LTA should quickly look into these matters as soon as possible as it is bringing a lot of trouble to the people. In Singapore, there are many people who uses the MRT so if it is constantly breaking down, it will bring a lot of trouble to people such as being late for work/appointment, late for schools or even be late for important meetings. There is also a lot of time wasted when the MRT breaks down so it will be very inconvinient for everyone.

  I think that LTA should send people to have a daily check on the condition of the MRTs so as to prevent it from breakong down. By doing so, if the train is found faulty, they can prevent the use of that MRT so as to prevent it from breaking down and bringing inconvinience to the people.

Zhou Wei 24

Total/General Information:
  SINGAPORE - A 16-year-old has been charged on Wednesday with voluntarily causing grievous hurt in the lunchtime brawl at the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) College West. Muhammad Zuhairie Adely Zulkifli used a bread knife with a 35cm blade to slash the victim, Ahmad Nurthaqif Sahed, at ITE College West along Choa Chu Kang on Tuesday at about 12.30pm. The bread knife, if used as a weapon of offence, is likely to cause death. He slashed the victim's left arm, fracturing his elbow bone. It was reported that the fracas was presumably over a girl. Footage of the fight, recorded by students, was circulated widely on social media. Muhammad Zuhairie was offered a bail of $15,000, but the bailors must be his parents. If he is out on bail, he faces a 10pm to 6am curfew. He will appear in court again on April 8. If convicted , he faces a jail term of up to 15 years and may be fined and caned.

  The issue discussed here is about a boy who slashed another boy with a bread knife over a girl. I feel that the boy who used the bread knife is too rash, doing things without thinking. If he had done some thinking, he would not have hurt the other person. Even if he was on the verge of exploding, very angry, he should remain his calm and composure and not do things that he might regret later in life, not act to something quick in his mind when he is angry. I think that he need to have a stronger self control on oneself as all this trouble is because he lack self control and lose or gave himself to his raging emotions thus resulting in an incident. He need to think before he act. In life, if we did not have control on our emotions and actions, we will end up doing something dumb, brainless for when we are angry, we have many negative thoughts which is only during that period of time and not for the whole life thus we have to realize our emotions and control our actions for our teachers taught us that our thoughts become our actions and our actions become our habits and affects our future. Everyone needs to be trained to show more self control. The boy failed to become the example of the example of more self control but the example to others. In my actual life I have accidentally said something hurtful to my friends when I am angry and now I lost that friend and have to regret my actions. However, I think the punishment of up to fifteen years jailed up is too serious on him for everyone have make mistakes. We can keep calm by taking a deep breath and stopping to think for a while.

Lim Jak Zeng (31) 11/3/2015

Article: 4 from China flew here to cheat elderly
Article by: Lim Yi Han at

  This article is about for Chinese nationals coming to Singapore to set a plot to cheat one of the elderly and use the money to pay their debts. The three men tried to trick a elderly woman to chip and help buy something from them so that they can sell it at a profit. They took $10 000 away from the elderly woman and didn't show up when they decided to meet up. She immediately called the police upon realising she has been tricked. The three men will be charged and are expected to hear their sentence on March 17.
  The three men are really cunning. They used such tricks to trick a poor old lady. I think their acts are really selfish, because the old woman could have retired and need this sum of money so that she can at least have some money to spend for her retirement life. Without this sum of money, which may probably the old woman's savings who she saved for a long time, she may find difficulties when she suddenly needs of money to, for example, pay medical bills. Just because they want to pay their debts back in their countrym they have to do such things to harm and take away something important from someone who may need it just as much. This makes their act really irresponsible and selfish.
  Also, I feel that these men are really foolish. If only they have studied harder back in their country, their owuld be probably working in Beijing now instead of coming to Singapore to do such things against the law to pay debts. Even if they did not study as hard, Singapore do offer lots of opportunities for foreigners to come to Singapore to work and earn money. If they do not mind facing some hardships, their lifes would have been more fruitful and less stressful, because their won't have debts to pay and have a stable income. I'm sure these men have arms and legs and brains and can definitely find a suitable job to earn a living instead of doing illegal things to hurt people for their own advantages, which is foolish since Singapore is a nation with strong security. Having to get caught by the police meant that they literally did not get anything at all and would further waste a few years of their lifes in the prison thinking of ways to pay the debt. If only the three people with three minds thought thrice before their act, this could have been prevented and they can live a more meaningful life.

Jing Jing (23)

Title : Woman leaves kid sitting alone dangerously on ledge outside flat
Date : 9 March 2015

The issue being discussed here is that a woman left her child to sit on the ledge with her legs underneath the handrails of the ledge. A neighbour who witnessed this was worried and tried to advise the woman to bring her daughter down. This whole process was videoed by him and posted on a Facebook page called, Must Be Singapore.

I think that this woman is a careless person as she was not aware of the danger of letting her small child sit on the ledge. If her daughter falls off accidentally, it might result in serious injury. As a mother, she clearly did not take charge of her child's well-being and accidents are entirely preventable as long as this woman forbids or inform her daughter of the risks of sitting on the ledge.

Having said so, the neighbour who filmed this and posted it online should not have done that as I am sure that it will be unpleasant for the family members to find out that this thing has been spreading online and I feel that instead of doing so, he could have just talked to the family regarding the issue. By posting it online, he unknowingly invaded the family's privacy and this act is inconsiderate. 

Jeslyn Teo (10) 2H

Date Of Article : 11 March 2015

Article :

Title : Father and son face death penalty for allegedly killing robber who slashed Singaporean mum

Summary : This article is about a Singaporean Mom married to a Malaysian, was slashed by a robber going into the house, but the Father and Son killed the robber instead and they are going to be sentenced to death if they are pleaded guilty.

Response : I think that if it was really an act of self defence, they should not be pleaded guilty or given death sentence. It was indeed wrong for them to kill a person, but it was for their own sake and if they did not act up on it, the robber would do something even more cruel.

Yong Jie Ning (22) 11 March 2015

Youth slashed another in fight on ITE campus 

Source: Straits Time app
Published on: 11 March 2015 

The issue discussed here is that a teenager at the age of 16 slashed another teenager because of relationship problems in a school campus, witnessed by both students and security guard but none dared to go forward and help the victim because the attacker was using a big knife and would be dangerous to anyone who went forward to help. After the attack when the victim finally ran away after getting slashed many times on his arm and back, he seek help from the general office and was immediately sent to the hospital for treatment while someone seemed like the attacker was arrested by the police that evening. Although the attacker is still a student studying but he still can be charged to 7 years jail, a fine and also canning. 

The writer did not react to the news but I feel that the security guard should have went forward to stop the attacker from slashing and take away the knife from him. A security is hired for a reason and that is to protect the people that the security guard is assigned to. If the security can't risk risk his or her life to protect someone else, I feel that he or she is not meant to be one. Besides, I feel that it is lunatic for the teenager to slash someone else with a knife because of a girlfriend. At that age, they should be concentrating studying, not going around and make relationships with the opposite gender or even attack the same gender because of these reasons. I hope that the attacker will be punished accordingly so that lesser people will become influenced or even hurt by these people. We should always study hard when we are young and don't be involve in boy-girl relationships so that we do not regret in the future for not studying hard like what many adults do and that we can find a better job and live a better live than others. 

Monday, 9 March 2015

Tong Yizhi (20)

Article: Consider road safety vests for seniors (straits time) 
Date of publish: 8 March 2015
Issue being discussed: LTA will be requiring heavy vehicles to fit an additional blind spot mirrors. Another thing is they realized that seniors usually have difficulties in walking so sometimes when crossing the roads, it is difficult for vehicles to notice their slow walking movements from afar and thus increasing the risk of getting hit. So they were provided with vests and allow them to be spotted easily and thus reduce the risk.
General observation about this issue: Sometimes when I was crossing the road, I would see elderly crossing the raid with a walking stick. They are walking very slowly and their movement is not that steady. It was difficult for the drivers to notice them.
In this article, the writer states that wearing the vest will prevent the disabled and elderly from getting hit. I agree with the writer. By wearing the vests, they will be noticed easily and thus the driver will be able to drive with more caution. Even though it will be safer for them, but the drivers and the pedestrians should also exercise road safety. This will prevent the unwanted accidents. I think that wearing vests will decrease the risk of getting hit. But still, the best way is everyone exercise road safety, obey the traffic rules. I think this is the most effective method among all.